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The Good News Fund

New donors to the Good News Fund donors through Dec. 11

People wanting to make a contribution should make checks payable to The Good News Fund and mail donations in care of The Herald, Box 51, Sharon 16146.

Donations are tax-deductable through our affiliation with the Shenango Valley Foundation.

    Thomas and Margaret Kasbee, Sandy Lake.
    Mary and Tom Sed, Sharon.
    Helen Chnapko, Sharon.
    Leo and Irene Winger, Sharon.
    In memory of Catherine Betchie by friend Viola Sakony, Sharon.
    In memory of Glenn, Lillian and Ivan Chadderton; Charlie, Anna, Bill and Don Carroll, and Frank Capece, by John and Goldie Chadderton Carroll and family, Highland, Calif.
    Mildred Z. Morocco, Farrell.
    Sylvester E. and Joan Brant, Mercer.
    Thomas and Sandra Stewart, Hermitage, in memory of Harold and Lucille Hoffman.
    J. W. Meyer, Hermitage.
    John and Janice Patterson, Mercer.
    Arthur J. and Elizabeth J. Aaron, Hermitage.
    Pearl and Tony Knott, Mercer, in memory of their fathers.
    Michele A. McCracken, Grove City.
    With love to Vincent and Pam Trinckes and Daniel and Chris Trinckes from Angelo and Patricia Trinckes, Brookfield.
    Tom and Elizabeth Perjol, Brookfield.
    Betty Gathers, Hermitage, in memory of Leroy Gathers.
    Officers and members of the Shenango Valley Women's Bowling Association.
    Chic and Ann Jurenovich, Sharon.
    James C. and Glorianne Tinkey, Grove City.
    Mary and William Alsnauer, Hermitage.
    James E. and Louise Hughes, Hermitage.
    Ralph C. and Betty Hudspeth, Hermitage.
    Glen and Carol Shollenberger, Fredonia.
    Mary E. Homer, Sharpsville.
    Bob and Bernice Smigel, Hermitage.
    Pauline Stratter, Sharon, in memory of Bill Stratter.
    Harold J. and Mabel L. Selby, West Middlesex.
    Jack and Carole Miller, Hermitage, in memory of John and Viva Watson.
    Gary E. Gotshall, Mercer.
    Mary Lou and Richard Saborsky, Farrell, in memory of the Kollar and Saborsky families.
    William A. and June E. Montgomery, Jackson Center.
    Anthony and Parma Cimino, Sharon.
    James M. Clark, Sharon.
    Gary E. and Cynthia L. Glass, Hermitage.
    Woman's Club of Sharpsville.
    Mr. and Mrs. Louis Squatrito, Hermitage.
    Gregory G. and Debra L. Cross, Sharon.
    Fred Jones, Sharon.
    St. George Serbian Orthodox Church, Hermitage.
    United Methodist Women of The Charleston United Methodist Church.
    Stewart A. and Camille R. Crill, Hermitage.
    Ladies Auxiliary V.F.W. Shenango Valley Post 1338, Sharon.
    Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Sharon.
    Sara J. and Donald E. Brown, Grove City.
    Richard G. and Donna J. Rose, Fredonia.
    William J. and Nina Nigro, Sharon.
    Dr. and Mrs. Charles Stover, Hermitage.
    Arthur Ragosta, Sharon, in memory of Rose Ragosta.
    Donald P.and Mary Lou Somich, Hermitage.
    Marian V. Winklevoss, Sharon.
    Frank P. and Janna Frankovich, Sharpsville.
    Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy W. Chisholm, Hermitage.
    Schuster's Laundromat, Joe and June Testani, Sharpsville, in memory of Lillian Krstanovic.
    Jean and Diane Daffin in memory of Paul A. Daffin.
    From the family of Michael A. "Bimbo" Dunder Jr. in his memory.
    Helen and Bob McLaren, Sharon.
    Mrs. Donald Patton, Stoneboro.
    Jake and Jackie Zagger, Hermitage, in memory of Henry Zorzi.
    John G. Kocis, Hermitage, in memory of my wife, Anna M. Kocis.
    Jane and Dan Joyce Jr., Sharpsville.
    Gene and Sally Blakley, Mercer.
    Philip F. and Margaret Ann Carlson, Stoneboro.
    Norman E. Sasse, Jackson Center.
    Harold and Beverly Davis, Transfer, in memory of of their fathers, J. W. Stoyer and Omer H. Davis.
    Mary Louise Arcomano, Brookfield, in memory of parents, Joseph and Helen Pappa.
    Ken and Mary Miller, Sharon, in memory of Bea Miller.

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Updated Dec. 14, 1998
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