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Abaciscus is a small abacus.
Abatjour is a device, as a skylight, for diverting light into buildings.
Abattoir is a slaughterhouse.
Abecedarian is a person who is learning the letters of the alphabet.
Abeyant means temporarily suspended.
Absorbefacient means causing absorption.
Acaulescent means either stemless or without a visible stem.
Accoucheur is a person who assists during childbirth.
Acquiesce means to comply or submit.
Aerogramme is a pre-stamped, lightweight paper that folds into its own envelope.
Affenpinscher is a breed of dog with wiry hair.
Afrikaans is an official language of South Africa.
Ageusia is the loss of the sense of taste.
Albescent means to become whitish.
Alette (ahleet) is a small wing of a building.
Amethyst is a purple quartz, used as a gem.
Amphitheater is an oval or round building with an open central area.
Ampullaceous means bottle-shaped.
Anathematize means to denounce or to curse.
Androgynous means being both male and female.
Ankh is an Egyptian cross used as a symbol of enduring life.
Anopheles is a malaria-causing mosquito.
Apartheid a rigid policy of segregation in South Africa.
Appaloosa is a hardy breed of riding horse.
Aqueous is of or pertaining to water, watery.
Armoire is a large wardrobe or movable cupboard.
Arrhythmia is any interruption in the heartbeat.
Ascetic is a person who practices self-denial for religious reasons.
Aurochs is a black European wild ox, extinct since 1627.
Autocephalous is a bishop subordinate to no superior authority.
Avuncular pertains to an uncle.
Azimuth is the angle of horizontal deviation of a bearing from a standard direction.
Babiche is a thong used in making snowshoes.
Bacchanal is a drunken revelry.
Bacciferous means bearing or producing berries.
Badinage is light, playful banter.
Bagatelle is something of little value.
Bagheera is a velvet used to make evening wear and wraps.
Baize is a felt used on tops of billiard tables.
Baksheesh is a tip or gratuity _ used in the Middle East.
Banquette is a long bench with an upholstered seat.
Bassarisk is a carnivorous mammal.
Bdellium is a resin obtained from plants (dellium).
Bellwether is someone who assumes leadership.
Beneficence is the doing of good.
Beriberi is a disease caused by a vitamin B1 deficiency.
Beryllium is a hard, light metallic element.
Bight is the middle part of a rope.
Bludgeon is a short, heavy club with one heavier end.
Boudoir is a woman's private sitting room.
Bouffant means puffed out, as in a teased hairdo.
Brooch  is a clasp or ornament.
Bucolic is of or pertaining to shepherds.
Bumbershoot is a name for an umbrella.
Cacophony is a harsh discordance of sound.
Caique is a single-masted sailing vessel (Mediterranean).
Caliph is a spiritual leader of Islam.
Cantle is the hind part of a saddle.
Carillon is a set of bells sounded by manual or pedal action.
Carrefour (carrefoor) is a crossroads, a road junction.
Cartouche a surface for receiving a painted decoration.
Casque is an open conical helmet with a nose guard (medieval).
Catafalque is a raised structure on which the body of a dead person lies.
Catarrh an inflammation of a mucous membrane.
Caterwaul is to utter long wailing cries, as a cat.
Cauterize is to burn for curative purposes.
Cayuse is an Indian pony.
Ceraceous is waxlike or waxy.
Chancre is the initial lesion of infectious diseases.
Chattel is a movable item of personal property.
Chlorofluorocarbon is a substance blamed for the hole in the ozone layer.
Cirrhosis is a disease of the liver.
Claque a group of people hired to applaud an act or performer.
Colonnade a series of regularly spaced columns.
Contemn means to treat with disdain or scorn.
Continuum is a continuous extent, series or whole.
Convivial means friendly or agreeable.
Copacetic means fine, completely satisfactory.
Corporeity is materiality.
Cuirass (kwirass) is defensive armor for the torso.
Culottes are women's trousers, usually knee or calf-length.
Dahlia is a flower.
Daguerreotype is an obsolete photographic process.
Deign to think fit or to condescend.
Demagoguery are methods or practices of a demagogue.
Demesne is possession of land as one's own.
Demitasse is a small cup for serving strong black coffee.
Desiccate is to dry thoroughly.
Dhow is a sailing vessel used by Arabs.
Diaphanous means very sheer and light.
Dilettante is a person who takes up an occupation as an amusement.
Dinghy is a small boat designed as a lifeboat.
Dispossess is to put a person out of a possession, esp. property.
Dormouse is a small rodent resembling a small squirrel.
Doubloon is a former gold coin of Spain.
Dysentery is an infectious disease.
Ecru is a very light brown.
Edelweiss is a small plant growing in the Alps.
Egregious is extraordinary is some bad way.
Emphysema is an irreversible disease of the lungs.
Ephemeral is lasting a very short time.
Epiphany is a Christian festival.
Equestrienne is a woman who rides horses.
Ersatz means serving as a substitute.
Escutcheon is a shield on which a coat of arms is depicted.
Euchre is a game of cards.
Eviscerate is to disembowel.
Exsiccate is to remove the moisture from.
Facetious means not to be taken seriously.
Fasciation is the act of bandaging.
Fiefdom is the estate of a feudal lord.
Finagle is to cheat or swindle someone.
Fizgig is a firework that makes a hissing sound.
Flaccid means soft and limp.
Fluxion is an act of flowing.
Formaldehyde is a colorless, toxic gas.
Frankincense is an aromatic gum resin used as incense.
Fricassee is meat browned, stewed and served in its own sauce.
Frieze is a decorative band on an outside wall.
Fulsome means offensive to good taste.
Fusillade is a simultaneous discharge of firearms.
Gabardine is a firm, tightly woven fabric.
Gallimaufry is a hodgepodge, a jumble.
Garrote is a method of capital punishment.
Gesundheit is used to wish good health after a sneeze.
Gewgaw is a trinket or bauble.
Ghillie is a low-cut, tongueless shoe.
Glaucescent means becoming a light bluish-green.
Glyph is a pictograph or hieroglyph.
Gneiss is a metamorphic rock.
Gnome is a small being that guards the interior treasures of earth.
Gnosis is knowledge of spiritual matters.
Godet is a triangular piece of fabric inserted to give fullness.
Golliwogg is a grotesque person.
Grandiloquence is a speed that is lofty, often to being pompous.
Guillemot is a seabird of Northern waters.
Gyve is a shackle for the leg.
Habiliments is clothing.
Hackamore is a simple, looped bridle for a horse.
Halcyon means calm or peaceful.
Halophyte is a plant that thrives in saline soil.
Handbreadth is a unit of linear measure.
Hartebeest is a large African antelope.
Hegemony is leadership or predominant influence by one nation.
Hematozoon is a parasitic protozoan that lives in the blood.
Herbage (erbij) nonwoody vegetation.
Hierarchy is a system of things ranked above each other.
Hieroglyphic is the pictograph type of script used by Egypt.
Hirsute is hairy or shaggy.
Histrionic is of or pertaining to actors or acting.
Hoatzin is a blue-faced bird of the Amazon forests.
Hootenanny is a social gathering featuring folk singing.
Horripilation is also known as goose flesh or goose bumps.
Howdah is a seat placed on the back of an elephant.
Hoyden is another name for a tomboy.
Hydrangea is a plant with showy flower clusters.
Hydrofluoric is of or derived from hydrofluoric acid.
Hyena is a doglike carnivore of Africa.
Hyperpyrexia is an abnormally high fever.
Hypnotize is to put into the hypnotic state.
Hypotenuse is the side of a right triangle opposite the right angle.
Ichneumon (iknoomen) is also called the African mongoose.
Ichthyophagist is a person who subsists on fish.
Idiosyncrasy is a characteristic or habit peculiar to an individual, incident, or the like.
Impeccable is faultless or flawless.
Imprecise means not precise or exact.
Incise (insize) means to cut into.
Indubitable is something that can't be doubted.
Inexorable is unyielding or unalterable.
Ingurgitate is to swallow greedily.
Iniquitous is wicked, sinful.
Innuendo is an indirect intimation about a person or thing, usually of a derogatory nature.
Inscrutable is incapable of being investigated or analyzed.
Insomnolence is sleeplessness.
Intermezzo is a short musical entertainment, between the acts of a drama or opera.
Interregnum is the time between the close of reign and the beginning of the next.
Intransigent is refusing to agree or compromise.
Inveigle is to entice by flattery or artful talk.
Inveigh is to protest strongly or attack vehemently with words.
Irascible is easily provoked to anger.
Jalousie is a window made of glass slats.
Jambalaya is a dish of Creole origin.
Jocose is given to joking or jesting.
Juvenescent is being youthful; young.
Kepi is a French military cap.
Kinkajou is an arboreal animal of Central and South America.
Klaxon is a loud, electric horn.
Klieg is a powerful type of arc light once used in the movies.
Kowtow is to show servile deference.
Lacerate is to tear roughly; mangle.
Lachrymal is of or pertaining to tears.
Languid is lacking in vigor or vitality.
Layette is an outfit of clothing or bedding for a newborn baby.
Legerdemain is sleight of hand or trickery.
Licit is legal or lawful.
Limn is to represent in drawing or painting.
Locus is a place or a locality.
Loquacious is talking or tending to talk too freely.
Lucent means shining.
Lynx is a wildcat of Canada and the northern U.S.
Macaque is a monkey, characterized by cheek pouches and short tail.
Maelstrom is a large, powerful, or violent whirlpool.
Manatee is an aquatic mammal of coastal waters, with 2 front flippers and a broad, spoon-shaped tail.
Maraud is to make a raid for booty.
Marionette is a puppet manipulated from above by strings.
Marten is an animal of northern forests.
Mastiff is a large, powerful, short-haired dog.
Matriarch is the female head of a tribal or family line.
Mellifluous is sweetly or smoothly flowing.
Menace is something that threatens to cause harm or evil.
Mendacious is telling lies, especially habitually.
Meringue is a topping for pies, pastry, etc.
Mesmerize is to hypnotize.
Metamorphose is to change the form or nature of, to transform.
Meticulous is taking extreme care about tiny details.
Mezzanine is the lowest balcony in a theater.
Microcosm is a world in miniature.
Millenium is a period of 1,000 years.
Mnemonic is assisting or intended to assist the memory.
Mocha is a choice variety of coffee.
Monocoque  is a type of aircraft in which the shell carries most of the stresses.
Morass is a tract or low, soft, wet ground.
Morose is gloomy or sullenly ill-humored.
Mote is a small particle, as in dust.
Mottle is a diversifying spot or blotch of color.
Mufti are civilian clothes.
Multiplicand is a number to be multiplied by another.
Munificent means one who is very generous.
Myrrh is an aromatic resinous exudation from certain plants.
Naphtha (naftha) is a colorless, volatile petroleum distillate.
Narcissism is excessive self-love; vanity.
Nascent is beginning to exist or develop.
Nebulous is hazy, vague or indistinct.
Neigh is to utter the cry of a horse; to whinny.
Nemesis is something a person can't conquer.
Newt is a brilliantly colored salamander.
Nexus is a means of connection; a tie; a link.
Niche is an ornamental recess in a wall.
Nigh means near in space, time or relation.
Nihilism is total rejection of established laws and institutions.
Nonce is the present, or immediate, occasion or purpose.
Nouveau is newly or recently created, developed, or come to prominence.
Obeisance is a bow or a curtsy.
Objurgate is to denounce vehemently; to upbraid sharply.
Obloquy is abusive language aimed at a person.
Obsequious showing servile deference; fawning on someone.
Obstreperous means unruly.
Occlude is to close, shut, or stop up.
Oleaginous means having the nature or qualities of oil.
Omniscience  is infinite knowledge.
Onerous is burdensome or troublesome.
Opalesce is to exhibit a play of colors like that of the opal.
Opprobrious is outrageously disgraceful or shameful.
Ostracism is exclusion from social acceptance.
Oxymoron is a seemingly contradictory figure of speech, like cruel kindness.
Pachyderm is an elephant.
Paean is a song of praise, joy or triumph.
Panacea is a remedy for all disease or ills.
Panache is a grand or flamboyant manner.
Panegyric is a lofty oration in praise of a person or thing.
Panoply is a wide-ranging and impressive array or display.
Papyrus is a tall, aquatic plant, native to the Nile valley.
Pariah is an outcast.
Parlance is a way or manner of speaking.
Parry is to ward off a thrust, as in fencing.
Parsec is a unit of distance equal to 3.26 light-years.
Patella is the kneecap.
Peccadillo is a very minor or slight sin or offense.
Peccary is a piglike hoofed animal of north and south America.
Peignoir is a woman's dressing gown.
Pendulous is hanging down loosely.
Penultimate the next to the last.
Penury is extreme poverty.
Perfidy is a deliberate breach of trust; treachery.
Perihelion is the point at which a planet is closest to the sun.
Perniciou means ruinous; injurious; hurtful.
Perquisite is a gratuity or tip.
Perspicuous is clearly expressed or presented.
Pestle is a tool to grind substances in a mortar.
Pharmaceutical pertains to pharmacy or pharmacists.
Phlegmatic is not easily excited to action.
Pique is to affect with sharp irritation.
Piranha is a small South American fish that eat fish, animals and sometimes attack humans.
Pirogue is an American boat, a dugout.
Pirouette is a whirling about on one foot or on the points of the toes, as in ballet dancing.
Plagiarize is to take ideas and works of another and pass it off as one's own.
Platypus is a small, egg-laying animal of Australia.
Plebeian is belonging or pertaining to the common people.
Plebiscite is a direct vote of the voters of a state in regard to some important public question.
Polychrome is being of many or various colors.
Posit is to place, put or set.
Precocious is prematurely developed.
Precursor is a person or thing that precedes.
Prescience is knowledge of things before they exist or happen.
Propitious means favorable.
Psilosis means a falling out of the hair.
Psoriasis is a common skin disease.
Ptosis is a drooping of the upper eyelid.
Pulchritude is physical beauty; comeliness.
Pyrrhic is consisting of two short or unaccented syllables.
Quadriceps is a large muscle in front of the thigh.
Quadrille is a square dance for four couples.
Quay is a landing place along a body of water.
Querulous means full of complaints.
Quiescent is being at rest; quiet; inactive.
Quinella is a type of bet on horse races.
Quirt is a riding whip.
Quoin is the external solid angle of a wall.
Quotidian means daily.
Rapier is a small sword, used for thrusting.
Rappel is the way to move down a surface in mountaineering.
Rarefy is to make rare or rarer.
Raucous is harsh or strident.
Ravenous means extremely hungry.
Recalcitrant means resisting authority.
Redoubtable is that that is to be feared; formidable.
Regurgitate is to surge or rush back.
Reparable is capable of being repaired.
Repartee is a quick, witty reply.
Repugn is to oppose or refute.
Reticent is someone disposed to be silent or not to speak freely.
Reveille is a signal to alert military personal to arise.
Rheumatism is a disorder of the extremities or back, characterized by stiffness.
Rhinoceros is a large African animal.
Ricochet is the motion of an object after deflecting from another object.
Riposte is a quick, sharp return in speech or action.
Rococo is a style of architecture and decoration.
Rogue is a dishonest person, a scoundrel.
Roil is to disturb or disquiet.
Roseate is tinged with rose; rosy.
Rough is having a coarse or uneven surface.
Rouse is to bring out of a state of sleep.
Ruse is a trick.
Saboteur is a person who commits sabotage.
Saccharin is a sweetener.
Sacroiliac is the joint where the sacrum and ilium meet.
Sacrosanct is extremely sacred or inviolable.
Sagacious showing acute mental discrenment, or being shrewd.
Saguaro is a tall, horizontally branched cactus.
Salaam is a salutation meaning peace, especially in Islamic countries.
Sanguinary means full of bloodshed, bloody.
Sarsaparilla is a soft drink made from the extract of a root.
Satiate is to supply something to excess.
Satyr is a mythological character, half human and half goat or horse.
Schiffli is a large, loomlike machine for working patterns in lace.
Schism is division or disunion.
Schlock means cheap or trashy.
Schuss is a straight downhill run at high speed, skiing.
Scimitar is a curved, single-edged sword.
Scintillate is to emit sparks.
Scorpioid is resembling a scorpion.
Scrimshaw is a carved article, especially of whale ivory.
Scrivener is a scribe.
Scythe is an implement used to cut grass or grain by hand.
Sebaceous means fatty.
Secede is to withdraw formally from an alliance.
Sedulous means persevering.
Segue (segway) means to continue at once with the next musical composition.
Seismicity is the frequency of earthquakes in a given area.
Seneschal is an officer having full charge of domestic arrangements.
Sentient means conscious.
Septuagenarian is between 70 and 80 years of age.
Sequacious means following with smooth or logical regularity.
Sequester is to remove or withdraw into solitude or retirement.
Serendipity means good fortune or luck.
Serge is a twilled fabric used for clothing.
Serrate is notched on the edge like a saw.
Setaceous is bristlelike.
Severance is the act of severing or the state of being severed.
Sexton is a church official charged with taking care of the edifice and its contents.
Sheaf is a bundle of wheat, rye, etc.
Shoal is a place where a body of water is shallow.
Sibyl is a female prophet or witch.
Sieve is an instrument with a meshed bottom, used to separate materials.
Skein is a length of yarn wound on a reel for use in manufacturing
Skink is a lizard common in both the Old and New worlds.
Sleazy means contemptibly low or disreputable.
Sloe is the small, sour fruit of the blackthorn.
Sluice is an artificial channel for conducting water.
Solecism is a nonstandard or ungrammatical usage.
Soliloquy is a discourse by a person who is talking to himself.
Sorcerer is a person who practices black magic.
Sorghum is a cereal grass.
Speciesism is discrimination in favor of one species over another.
Specious is apparently good or right though lacking real merit.
Sphinx is a figure of a creature having the head of a man or animal and the body of a lion.
Spinet is a small upright piano.
Squalor is filth or misery.
Squeegee is an implement edged with rubber to remove water from windows or floors.
Staid means of settled character, not flighty.
Stanchion is an upright bar as in a window or stall.
Stiletto is a short dagger with a thick blade.
Strafe is to attack by airplanes with machine-gun fire.
Strontium is a strong, metallic element.
Strychnine is a colorless, crystalline poison.
Sturgeon is a large fish, valued as a source of caviar.
Subcutaneous means lying under the skin, as tissue.
Submersible is that which is capable of being submerged.
Suffrutescent is partially or slightly woody.
Surcease is to cease from some action; desist.
Surfeit means excess; an excessive amount.
Suzerain is a state exercising political control over a dependent state.
Svelte is gracefully slender; lithe.
Sycamore is a North American tree.
Sycophancy is self-seeking or servile flattery.
Sylph is a slender, graceful woman or girl.
Syncopate is to place accents on beats in music normally not accented.
Tabasco is a trademark name for a condiment sauce.
Tachymeter is an instrument to rapidly determine distances.
Taciturn means inclined to silence.
Tactician is a person who is adept at planning tactics.
Taffeta is a medium- or light-weight fabric.
Talisman is an object that is supposed to possess powers.
Tallow is the fatty tissue of animals.
Talon is the claw of a bird of prey.
Tamarind is the pod of a large tropical tree.
Tamburitza is a mandolinlike instrument of southern Slavic regions.
Tanager is a songbird found in North America.
Tankard is a large drinking cup.
Tapir is a three-toed animal resembling a pig in Central and South America.
Tarantella is a rapid, whirling Italian dance.
Tarantula is a large, hairy spider.
Tariff is a list showing duties imposed on imports or exports.
Tarot is a card used for fortunetelling.
Tarry is to remain or stay awhile.
Taupe (tohp) is a brownish gray.
Taut means tightly drawn.
Taw is a fancy marble used as a shooter.
Tawny is a shade of brown tinged with yellow.
Taxable means capable of being taxed.
Teak is a large East Indian tree.
Tempestuous means tumultuous or turbulent.
Tenacious means holding fast.
Tenement is a rundown, often overcrowded apartment house.
Tenet is a principle, doctrine or dogma.
Tequila is a strong liquor from Mexico.
Termagant is a violent or brawling woman.
Tern is an aquatic bird.
Terrarium is a container for land animals.
Tertiary is of the third order.
Testatrix is a woman who makes a will.
Tetrabrach is a word of four short syllables.
Thalassic is of or pertaining to seas or oceans.
Thence means from that place.
Theocracy is a form of government in which a deity is recognized as the supreme civil ruler.
Therapeutics is the branch of medicine concerned with the remedial treatment of disease.
Thoracic is of or pertaining to the thorax.
Thought is the product of mental activity.
Thrall is one who is in bondage; slave.
Threshold is the sill of a doorway.
Tiara is a jeweled coronet worn by women.
Timbre is the characteristic quality of a sound.
Tinct is to tinge or tint, as with color.
Titillate is to excite agreeably.
Tizzy is a nervous or agitated state.
Tofu is a bland, cheeselike food, high in protein content.
Tome is a large, heavy book.
Toque is a brimless and close-fitting hat for women.
Tortoise is a turtle, especially a land turtle.
Tortuous means full of twists or turns.
Toucan is a large-billed, brightly colored bird.
Toupee is a man's wig.
Tourniquet is a device for arresting bleeding.
Traduce means to slander or defame.
Traipse is to walk or go aimlessly or idly.
Travois is a transporting device pulled by an animal.
Treacle is contrived sentimentality.
Triskaidekaphobia is a fear of the number 13.
Troglodyte is a prehistoric cave dweller.
Troika is a team of 3 horses driven abreast.
Trousseau is clothing, linen, especially for a bride.
Truculent is fierce or savagely brutal.
Truncheon is a club carried by a police officer.
Tryst is an appointment to meet at a certain time and place.
Tumescent means swelling.
Ubiquitous means omnipresent or being everywhere at the same time.
Umlaut is a mark used over a vowel.
Unconscionable means unscrupulous or not guided by conscience.
Unrequited is not returned or reciprocated.
Unwonted is not customary or usual or rare.
Vacillate means to waver in opinion.
Vacuous means empty.
Variscite is a secondary mineral.
Ventriloquism means throwing the voice.
Verisimilitude means the appearance of truth.
Vertebrae are bones composing the spinal column.
Vertiginous means whirling or spinning.
Vexillology means the study of flags.
Vicissitude means a change in the course of things.
Villein was an almost free person in the middle ages.
Virescent means turning green.
Viscera are the organs in the abdominal cavity.
Viscid means sticky.
Vociferous is crying out noisily.
Vorticity is a measure of the circulation of a fluid.
Waterborne is floating or moving on water.
Whet is to sharpen by grinding or friction.
Whippoorwill is a nocturnal North American bird.
Widgeon is a common, freshwater duck.
Wildebeest is a gnu.
Wok is a pan used in cooking Chinese food.
Wraith is a visible spirit.
Xenophobe is a person who fears or hates foreigners.
Xyster is a surgical instrument for scraping bones.
Xylose is a colorless crystalline sugar.
Ytrium is a rare metallic element.
Yurt is a tentlike dwelling of the Mongols.
Zephyr is a gentle breeze.
Zinciferous means yielding or containing zinc.
Zoanthropy (zoo) is a mental disorder in which one believes oneself to be an animal.
Zoopraxiscope is an early motion projector.
Zucchetto is a skullcap worn by Roman Catholic ecclesiastics.

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