The Herald, Sharon, PA Published Saturday, Nov. 11, 2000


Herald Good News Fund turkey-buying drive under way

The Herald Good News Fund's eighth annual drive is under way to provide turkeys for Christmas to families who ordinarily would be unable to afford such a holiday staple.

For its 2000 food drive, The Good News Fund has set a goal of buying 1,250 turkeys for distribution in the Mercer County area.

People wanting to make a contribution should make their checks payable to The Good News Fund and mail them in care of The Herald, Box 51, Sharon 16146. Contributions may be dropped off at The Herald's main office, 52 S. Dock St.

All donations to The Good News Fund by residents and businesses are tax-deductible. From the donations, turkeys will be provided to local families through the Community Food Warehouse of the Shenango Valley and its network of 16 pantries.

Turkeys will be bought from Magnotto's Shop 'n Save. Michael Magnotto, president of the grocery store, has volunteered to provide them at dealer's cost, as he has since the inception of The Good News Fund.

2000 fund donors
The following have made contributions to The Herald’s eighth annual Good News Fund:
Woman’s Club of Sharpsville
Frances A. Pavcik, Sharpsville
Sharon High School class of 1947
Sam and Millie Kudelko, Sharon
Mercer County Council of Republican Women
William J. Yoest, Sharon
Henry E. and Lulu M. Hardin, Sharon
Mildred C. Grande, Farrell
Richard B. Burns, Sharon
Philip and Noreen Kulusich, Hermitage
James M. Clark, Sharon
Edward M. and Anne V. Doblanski, Farrell
Ron and Bev Chalupka, Hermitage
Dottie and Nick Bonta, Hermitage, in memory of granddaughter Nicole Comninos and great-nephew Steven Moretti
Joseph C. Reiter, Sharon, in memory of Pauline Reiter
Louis and Mary Szugye, Clark
James and Patricia Golubich, Farrell
Frank J. and Patricia L. Reichart, Sharpsville
West Middlesex Little League Team Yourga Indians
Louis F. and Zelphie Galicia, Farrell
Rolf A. and Linda Geese, Farrell
Ann Marie Jarocki, Farrell
Mr. and Mrs. Howard George, Mercer
Wendell and Imoge Miller, Jackson Center, in remembrance of Harriet Louise Parker, a friend
Juanita A. Dorogy, Farrell, in memory of Joseph J. Dorogy Sr.
Ted and Marian Haller, Stoneboro
Nancy L O’Mahony, Transfer, in memory of Dick O’Mahony
Al and Marge Rotunno, Hermitage
Dr. Frank J. Seibold, Sharon
Gloria and Keith W. Stoner, Farrell
Jean V. Hornyak, Sharpsville
Russell and Rowenna Bartholomew, Hermitage, in memory of loved ones
Glen and Ruth Pettey, Farrell
Henry J. and Rose Wasilchak, Burghill
Mark J. and Susan D. Davis, Hermitage, in memory of Penny and Mary Jean Davis
Penn-Ohio Office/First National Bank
Kevin’s Trucks, Inc., Masury
Elizabeth and Tom Perjol, Brookfield
Serbian Sisters Circle, Farrell
Bran and Honey Vuich, Farrell
Gene and Helen Scarmack, Farrell, in memory of their parents
Bob and Betty Lou Morgan, Sharon
Anthony Liro, Farrell, in memory of Mrs. Florence Liro
Jacob and Elizabeth Yudt, Hermitage
Peg Billioni, Hermitage, in memory of Carl Billioni
Lou and Adrianne Rotunno
In honor of Rhonda Paglia from your secret pal
John Waclaski, Sharpsville
Mary Alice Chintella, Hermitage
Susan Ondich and Patti Rubeo in memory of Karen Stofan
Dr. Leonard F. and Florence C. Pleban, Sharon
JoAnn and Jerry Staul, Farrell
Rosemary Brandenstein, Hermitage
Winner International, Sharon
Russell J. and Twila E. Williams, Hermitage
A.K. Bee, Sharpsville
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stigliano, Hermitage
Gary and Pam Rodemoyer, Hermitage
Dolores R. Toth, Hermitage
Dr. Ray and Judy Ammer, Hermitage
Hair By Harper, Hermitage
Mildred Z. Morocco, Farrell
John A. and Margaret H. Wareham, Sharon
Donna J. Hassel, Masury
Judy Ference, Hermitage, in memory of Stephen and Olga Ference
Pearl J. Nitch, Sharpsville
Barb and Bernie Shaffer, Grove City, in memory of Harold Shaffer and Mr. and Mrs. James G. Bell
Jane and Ted Vaughn Burke, Volant
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Miller, Hermitage, in memory of Angelina Albanese
Mary E. Homer, Sharpsville
Anne Lavin, Sharon
William E. and Roberta June Himes, Sharon
Richard F. and Barbara J. McKee, Sharpsville
Donna L. Howard, Grove City
Lillian A. Tomko, Hermitage
T.J. Lutz Jr., Sharpsville
Andrew and Patsy S. Tomko, Hermitage
Mary Ann Carlino, Farrell
Joseph A. and Jane E. Gentile, Brookfield
Professor J. Harvey and Ginny Cole, Grove City
Gerald P. and Nancy J. Novak, Sharon
Thomas and Lorene Burprich, Hermitage
Henry P. and Esther Schell, Sandy Lake
Michael T. Thomas, Sharon
Larry and Paula Chieffo, Hermitage
Richard J. and Mary Jean Schneider, Mercer
Katherine L. Campbell, Hermitage
Frances Nespor, Hermitage
Michael G. Lukac, Hermitage
Bob and René McIntire and family, Hermitage
Josephine and Helen Kulusich, Hermitage
Mr. and Mrs. William R. McAdams, Brookfield
Joanne and Ray Ianniri, West Middlesex
Frank and Carmella Cannone, Sharon
Jo-Ann A. Grande, Hermitage
Sam and Millie Kosanovic, Hermitage
Steve and Shari Skarosi, Burghill, in loving memory of Zolie and Julie Dobay
Theresa R. Panin, West Middlesex
John W. and Louise Krofcheck, Hermitage
Italian American War Veterans, Shenango Valley Post 25, Sharon
In memory of Pat Moran
Martin and Betty J. Banjak, Hermitage
Myrtle M. Rio, Sharon, in memory of Joseph G. Rio and Nicholas M. Yovetich
Robert J. and Carrie J. Laslow, Sharon
Walter R. Strosser, Hermitage
Daniel S. Foster, Grove City

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