The Herald, Sharon, PA Published Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2001


Firefighters compile report detailing activities in 2000

Greenville Fire Department has issued its annual report for 2000.

According to the report:

  • A total of 469 alarms were answered.

  • The majority of runs were medical emergencies, traffic accidents and fire alarm responses, according to the Greenville Fire Departmentís annual report. Firefighters responded to 21 fires or incidents of smoke in buildings, 17 hazardous material incidents and 53 assists to other fire departments.

  • The department saved $78,000 in property, and $206,000 in property was damaged by fire.

  • Four firefighters and one resident were injured but no injuries required a hospital stay.

  • Firefighters arrived at emergencies within an average of 2.9 minutes from the time of dispatch.

  • Firefighters changed batteries in 56 smoke alarms for residents.

  • The Fire Prevention Bureaus conducted 384 fire inspections resulting in notices of 114 code violations. The violations were followed up by 149 re-inspections with 47 occupancy permits issued.

  • Nine public fire education lectures were conducted, and 22 fire station tours were given.

  • Company training was held on 25 occasions and special training courses were attended on 15 occasions.

  • Firefighters spent 111 hours maintaining and repairing department vehicles and equipment.

  • The Fire Department received a new pumper Feb. 2 and moved into a new fire station Oct. 19. Firefighters put over 400 hours of work on the construction of the fire station.

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