The Herald, Sharon, PA Published Thursday, December 12, 2002

Good News Fund's purchase of turkeys closes in on $10,000

Local food pantries
Money collected through the Good News Fund will help to pay for turkeys bought for families in need. Turkeys are distributed through the Community Food Warehouse of the Shenango Valley and its network of Mercer County area pantries.
Those pantries are:
Farrell: Prince of Peace Center
Greenville: Good Shepherd Center and the Salvation Army
Grove City: Grace Community Food Pantry
Hermitage: Holy Cross Orthodox Church and Episcopal Church of the Redeemer
Jamestown: Jamestown Food Pantry
Mercer: Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry.
Sharon: Christ Lutheran Church, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Episcopal Community Services, First Baptist Church, St. Joseph's Food Pantry, Sts. Peter and Paul Evangelical Church, and the Salvation Army
Stoneboro: Lakeview Helping Hands Center
The Herald Good News Fund's tenth annual drive to date has amassed nearly $10,000 for the purchase of turkeys for Christmas to families who ordinarily would be unable to afford such a holiday staple.

For its 2002 food drive, The Good News Fund has set a goal of buying 1,200 turkeys for distribution in the Mercer County area. The were delivered to the Community Food Warehouse of the Shenango Valley this morning and delivered to 16 food pantries throughout the county.

People wanting to make a contribution can still do so and should make their checks payable to The Good News Fund and mail them in care of The Herald, Box 51, Sharon 16146. Contributions may be dropped off at The Herald's main office, 52 S. Dock St. All donations to The Good News Fund by residents and businesses are tax-deductible.

Turkeys were bought from Magnotto's Shop 'n Save. Michael Magnotto, president of the grocery store, has volunteered to provide them at dealer's cost, as he has since the inception of The Good News Fund.

The following have made contributions to The Herald's tenth-annual Good News Fund:
» Tom and Mary Sed, Sharon.
» Mercer County Chiropractic Society.
» Kathryn L. Billen, Masury, in memory of Milly Belik, Alexander Billen, and Saverio D'Avanzo.
» James D. Walsh, Woodbine, Md.
» Martin and Irene Bicek, Sharon, in memory of Stephen and Pauline Novak.
» Nicholas Butchko, Sharon.
» Etta L. Ragster
» William J. Bicho, Brookfield.
» Anthony Liro, Farrell, in memory of Florence Fanelli Liro and deceased Liro family.
» Rolf and Linda Geese, Farrell.
» Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. Stephenson, Hermitage.
» William J. Yoest, Sharon.
» Ed and Alda Lichvar, Sharon.
» Betty M. Gathers, Hermitage, in memory of Leroy W. Gathers.
» Joseph C. Reiter, Sharon, in memory of Pauline Reiter.
» Peter and Elizabeth Reale, Sharon.
» Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stigliano, Hermitage.
» Henry E. and Lulu M. Hardin, Sharon.
» Edward and Anne Doblanski, Farrell.
» Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Costell, Transfer.
» Phil and Noreen Kulusich, Hermitage.
» Thalia and Fred Heiges, Hermitage.
» David and Ruby Bodien, Mercer.
» Nancy O'Mahony, Hermitage.
» In memory of Pat Moran, by family.
» John and Louise Krofcheck, Hermitage.
» Sharon High School class of 1947.
» Mary and Joseph Phillips, Hermitage, in memory of son Joseph P. Phillips.
» Michael G. Lukac, Hermitage.
» Zora P. Koukis, Farrell.
» Frances Osborne, Mercer, in memory of loved ones.
» Beverly and John Gilbert, Sharpsville.
» Jim and Pat Golubich, Farrell.
» Pauline Mudrinich, Hermitage, in memory of husband and sons.
» Wayne and Donna Jean King, Mercer.
» Juanita A. Dorogy, Farrell.
» Ron and Bev Chalupka, Hermitage.
» George and Patricia Wilson, Hermitage.
» Bran and Honey Vuich, Hermitage.
» Daniel J. and Cornelia S. O'Neill, Clark.
» Mr. and Mrs. William McAdams, Brookfield.
» Ronald and Gayle Anderson, Hermitage.
» Al and Marge Rotunno, Hermitage.
» Barb and Bernie Shaffer, Grove City, in memory of Harold Shaffer Sr., and Mr. and Mrs. James G. Bell.
» Russell and Rowenna Bartholomew, Hermitage, in memory of loved ones.
» Richard and Mary Jean Schneider, Mercer.
» Dottie and Nick Bonta, Hermitage, in memory of granddaughter Nicole Comninos.
» Dr. Frank J. Seibold, Sharon.
» Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Fennell, West Middlesex.
» Jo-Ann A. Grande, Hermitage.
» Theresa R. Panin, West Middlesex.
» Oscar C. and Carol A. Mehler, Sharpsville.
» Lisa M. Mehler, Sharpsville.
» Bill and Kathy Brown, Hermitage.
» Henry and Esther Schell, Sandy Lake.
» John and Lois Stanton, Hermitage, in memory of Louie and Rose Squatrito.
» Gary and Pamela Rodemoyer, Mercer.
» Bill and Holly Garman, West Middlesex.
» In memory of Keith W. Stoner by Gloria and Lin.
» Albert and Mary Ann Wiesen, Sharpsville.
» Thomas and Lorene Burprich, Hermitage.
» Dr. Raymond and Judy Ammer, Hermitage.
» Richard B. Burns, Sharon.
» Harriett L. Guido, Hermitge, in memory of my beloved mother, Marjorie Levy.
» Edward and Ella Chirila, Hermitage, in memory of Ed Chirila, Mr. and Mrs. John Chirila, Mr. and Mrs. Lew Davis Sr., and Lew Davis Jr.
» Hector and Bettie Morocco, Wheatland.
» Mr. and Mrs. Bogdan Ivanovich, Farrell.
» Betty and Rudy Krafft, Sharon.
» Mary L. Burprich, Sharon.
» Robert and Helen McLaren, Sharon.
» Rick and Barb McKee, Sharpsville, in loving memory of Gary E. McKee.
» John Miklo, Farrell.
» In memory of our parents John and Margaret Galloway and Clarence and Evelyn Hogue; and our brother, C. Roy Hogue from Tom and Stella Galloway, Hermitage.
» Myrtle M. Rio, Sharon, in memory of Joseph G. Rio and Nicholas M. Yovetich.
» Robert and Agnes Quinn, Sharon.
» Fred R. and Rosemary Tice, Hermitage, and Matthew R. and Alyssa J. Tice, Harmony.
» Francis E. Moffard.
» Marty and Denise Gargano, Hermitage.
» George and Irene Winger, Sharon.
» Ted and Marian Haller, Stoneboro.
» H.C., Masury.
» Lillian A. Tomko, Hermitage.
» Sara J. Brown, Grove City.
» Robert and Nancy Shepard, Stoneboro.
» In memory of Joseph Cooley Esposito and Jack Esposito by wife and mother.
» In memory of Darlene Fike Schafer by Bob and Dorothy Fike, Hermitage.
» Kenneth Miller family in memory of Bea Miller.
» Christina B. Weston, Hermitage.
» Wayne and Daisy Adams, Greenville.
» Gene and Barbara Wareham, Sharon.
» William and Doris Steiner, Sharpsville.
» J. Leslie and Mary E. Marstellar, Fredonia.
» JaAnn and Jerry Staul, Farrell.
» Maryann Miller and Doug Miller.
» John and Dorothy Hando, Sharon.
» Shirley and H. William Sankey, Sharpsville.
» Russell and Twila Williams, Hermitage.
» Mary Warrender, Brookfield, in memory of George "Speed" Warrender.
» Daniel and Pearl Bailey, Hermitage.
» Joanne and Dennis Schell, Brookfield.
» Henry and Margaret Knittel, Hermitage.
» In memory of my brother George Rendick by sister Anne Kuti.
» In memory of the Danessa and Kuti families by Anne Danissa Kuti.
» Josephine and Helen Kulusich, Hermitage.
» Michael and Rosalyn Gagich.
» F. A. Faivre, Grove City.
» Ed and Marie Allen with love to Nina.
» Ruth and Harry Kloss, Sharon.
» Bill and Denise Harshman.
» James and Ann Marie Sheasley, Hermitage, in memory of Linda Young.
» Gene and Helen Scarmack, in memory of their parents.
» Sharon High School class of 1949 -- Ladies Luncheon Group in memory of deceased classmates.
» Cavatelli Ladies of Our Lady of Fatima Church.
» Altar-Rosary Society of Our Lady of Fatima Church.
» Mary Alice Chintella, Hermitage.
» In memory of Paul Hopkins by Marlene Hopkins.
» Harry and Betty Dennison, Grove City.
» Dr. Wiliam R. Alli, Hermitage, in memory of Salli and Mary Alli.
» Phillip and Mary Lary, Sharon, in memory fo Charles P. Lary adn Mary Sagulla.
» Harvey and Patricia Levitt, Sharon.
» Wayne and Linda Logue II, Hermitage.
» Italian American War Veterans Shenango Valley Post 25, Sharon.
» DBA Brashen Funeral Services, Sharon.
» Judy Ference, Hermitage, in memory of Stephen and Olga Ference.
» William and Margaret Thompson, Mercer.
» Ruth and Nate Clark, Greenville.
» Frank and Sandra Martuccio Jr., Hermitage, in memory of Mark Schaller.
» Lou and Adrianne Rotunno, Sharon.
» Johnna Greenburg, West Middlesex, in memory of my grandmother Retta Walker.
» Dale and Shirley Opitz, Grove City.
» James and Marlyn Choffel, Sharon.
» Phyllis Lynch, Hermitage.
» Bill and Nina Nigro, Hermitage.
» John and Mary Yesko, Sharon.
» Mildred T. Campbell Shook, Hermitage.
» Bob and Anne B. Farkas, Sharon, in memory of Steve M. Farkas.
» Frank and Carmella Cannone, Sharon.
» Joseph J. Rossi Sr., Farrell.
» Mildred Z. Morocco, Farrell.
» James and Shirley Walsh, Hermitage.
» Tony and Pearl Knott, Mercer, in memory of our deceased parents.
» Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Urey, Mercer.
» Anna Mary and Dennis Hoovler, Hermitage.
» W.L. Hutchison, Sharon, in memory of Selma Hutchison.
» Dr. William and Elinor McDowell, Hermitage.
» Don and Shirley Rust, Hermitage.
» In memory of Jack and Yvonne Tessmer, Michael Bobish and Phillip McDonald by Greg and Deb Bobish, Farrell.
» Buck and Louise Stefanak, Pulaski, in memory of grandson Konner Hoffman.
» Ed and Norma Robich, Sharon, in memory of son James M. Robich.
» James and Barbara Brenneman, Hermitage.
» Louis and Mary Szugye, Clark.
» Sue O'Leary in memory of all loved ones.
» Albert Marinko in memory of all loved ones.
» Bill Scanlon, Hermitage, in memory of Nora Scanlon.
» Joanne C. Root, Sharon.
» Gerald and Nancy Novak, Sharon.
» George and Elsie Clovesko, Clark.
» Doris Kloos in memory of Frederick W. Kloos.
» Martha Woodworth, Masury, in memory of parents.
» John and Mary Jane Bingham, Hermitage.
» Glen and Carol Shollenberger, Fredonia.
» Thomas and Donna McFarland, Masury, in memory of loved ones.
» Darl Black, Brookfield, in memory of Goldie King Black.
» Sylvester and Joan Brant, Brookfield.
» James and Glorianne Tinkey, Grove City.
» Robert and Carrie Laslow, Sharon.
» Rosemary Sangregorio, Hermitage, in memory of husband, Joe.
» Sharpsville Woman's Club.
» In honor of son Rudy Germadnik and grandson Ronnie Germadnik by Leo Germadnik, Masury.
» Henry and Rose Wasilchak, Burghill.
» In loving and special memory of Glenn and Lillian and Ivan; Edith Chadderton; Frank Capece, and Charles, Anna and Donald Carroll by John and Goldie Chadderton Carroll and family, Highland, Calif.
» Richard and Barbara Kozma Sr., Sharon.
» Tom and Elizabeth Perjol, Brookfield.
» Willa O'Neill, Sharpsville.
» Andrew and Patsy Tomko, Hermitage.
» Joseph and Helen Donnelly, Hermitage, in memory of our loved ones.
» William F. Mosley, Sharon.
» Walter R. Strosser, Hermitage.
» Rosemary Brandenstein, Hermitage.
» Jim and Joyce Fennell, West Middlesex.
» Dr. John and Barbara Coupland, Hermitage.
» Ken and Jane Tarczy, Mercer.
» Jim and Eileen Vernille, Hermitage, in memory of our son Jim Vernille Jr.
» Harry and Phyllis Osborne, Grove City, in memory of Michael Osborne.
» Francis and Rose Whalen, Grove City.
» Elizabeth J. and Arthur Aaron, Hermitage.
» Frank and Janna Frankovich, Hermitage.
» Farrell V.F.W. Ladies Auxiliary Post 5286.
» Stanley and Margie Yuran, Hermitage.
» Pat and Tom Keryan, Sharon, in memory of Tommy.
» Glen and Ruth Pettey, Farrell.
» Larry and Sharon Shipton, Grove City.
» Yolanda Del Monaco, Hermitage, in memory of the Leonetti family and the Del Monaco family.
» Anthony and Janet Giordano, Clark.
» Margaret M. Jones, Wheatland.
» Josephine Anderson, West Middlesex, in memory of husband Carl Anderson.
» Edward and Mary E. Reichart, Masury.
» Virginio and Betty DeSantis, Sharpsville.
» Harold and Mabel Selby, West Middlesex.
» Dorothy M. Richards, Hermitage.
» John and Margaret Wareham, Sharon.
» In memory of John and Viva Watson from Jack and Carole Miller, Hermitage.
» Phyllis R. Brubach, Hermitage, in memory of Walter E. Brubach.
» Dr. Donna DeBonis, Hermitage.
» In memory of Dr. William Brown from Rita Brown, Hermitage.
» Joan E. Nicoloff, Hermitage.
» Gene and Gerrie Derr, Sharpsville.
» Robert and Rene McIntire, Hermitage.
» Kathryn and Carl Stefanowicz, Hermitage.
» David Stefanowicz, Hermitage.
» Frank and Mary Lee Beader, Burghill.
» In memory of Catherine Betchie by friend Viola Sakony.
» Ellen Falconi, Sharon, in memory of nephew Timothy J. Chuba Jr.
» Dr. James and Margaret DeAngelis, Hermitage.
» Robert and Joyce Willaman, Transfer.
» Lee and Dee Cunningham, Grove City.
» William and Fern Gargano, Sharpsville.
» Dominick and Jean Teaberry, Hermitage.
» Marie Viola, Hermitage.
» Suzanne J. and Anthony J. Pache Sr., Hermitage, in memory of Karen Sue Pendley and Gary E. Redzinak.
» In memory of deceased Dunch and Gilliland families by Wade and Agnes Gilliland, Masury.
» Joseph and Jane Gentile, Brookfield.
» In memory of 2Lt. Zachariah R. Miller by Keith, Rosalyn and Nate Miller, Stoneboro.
» Dr. William and Kathleen Pitzer III, Sharpsville.
» Grace Bobby, Farrell.
» Vicky Ondich, Brookfield, in memory of husband, Andrew.
» Shenango Valley Foundation, Sharon.
» Barry and Darlene Winger, Sharpsville.
» Jacob and Elizabeth Yudt, Hermitage.
» Dennis and Brett Peruzzi, Sharpsville.
» Thaddeus and Lillian Kobialko, Brookfield, in memory of loved ones and Becky Koborie.
» David and Carol Lynn Jacobs, Sharpsville.
» Frank and Karen Draskovic, West Middlesex, in memory of loved ones.
» Farrell Women's Service Club.
» Brian and Sheila Bell, Grove City.
» Bernadette M. Toskin, Farrell.
» Simon and Nellie Jacobson, Sharon.
» In memory of Wilbur and Nina Forsythe by Joyce Grimenstein.
» Larry and Paula Chieffo, Hermitage, in memory of their parents.
» John and Marie DelMonaco, Hermitage.
» Paul and Eleanor Chadderton, West Middlesex.
» Chris Outrakis in memory of George Outrakis.
» Betty J. Middleton, Greenville, in memory of my parents, Ray and Florence Goldhart.
» Helen Carlo, Sharon, in memory of my loved ones.
» In memory of Paul Hopkins by Marlene Hopkins.
» Sam and Millie Kudelko, Sharon.
» Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth DeJohn, Sharon.
» Tom and Sandy Stewart in memory of Harold and Lucille Hoffman.
» In memory of Jaime L. May from grandparents, Albert and Donna Pintar, Hermitage.
» Guy F. and Earleen R. McCracken, Hermitage.
» Eva E. Heini, Transfer.
» Donna Dzurinda, Farrell, in memory of my father, LeRoy Pearson.
» Jeffrey W. Moody, Sharon.
» Mark and Darlene Butch, Sharon.
» Evelyn Heckathorn, Hermitage, in memory of loved ones.
» Lois M. Tamplin, Sharon.
» Lawrence and Marjorie Sanata, Clark.
» Daniel and Diana Boller, Hermitage, in memory of Lenore Boller.
» Nancy and Bob Zikmund, Hermitage, in memory of loved ones.
» In memory of Harry Jackson and Jaime may by Fran Jackson and family.
» William and Mary Jergler, West Middlesex.
» Jeanie and Dan Paulitz, Sharon, in memory of Helen Paulitz and Robert Kelly.
» Abbie and Sue Groboski.
» Dorcas Women Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Hermitage.
» In memory of Andrew J. Toth by wife, Shirley; and children, Christine and Joseph.
» Bob and Marsha Landfried, Hermitage.
» Marie Schuller, West Middlesex, in memory of loved ones.
» Gerald and Patricia Fry, Greenville.
» Mr. and Mrs. Charles Selby, West Middlesex.
» In memory of Frances Ziccardi by children and grandchildren.
» Richard and Donna Rose, Fredonia.
» In memory of Frank Reichart from wife and children.
» Violet L. Shafer, New Wilmington.
» Anne Lavin, Sharon.
» Albert Janoski, New Wilmington.
» Howard and Scharlotte George, Mercer.
» Frances Nespor, Hermitage.
» In memory of Marcia Cline Nelson, given by Kaye L. Bobish, Farrell.
» In memory of Julia Buhl, who gave me a warm coat when I was in need as a child.
» Diane and Eric Conti, Sharpsville.
» Barris Supply Company, West Middlesex.
» David and Paige DeAngio, Mercer.
» R. T. and Emogene McAnallen, Mercer.
» Edward R. Hopkins, Hermitage.
» James E. and Donna C. Winner Jr.
» Joseph and Diane Prezgay, Hermitage.
» Ruth A. Brutt, Hermitage.
» Robert and Bernice Smigel, Hermitage.
» Don and Shirley Madura, Sharon.
» Rich and Sheila Craig, Mercer.
» Becky and Ernie Swanson, Hermitage.
» In memory of James Daugherty, husband; Myrtle Eagleson, aunt; and Jean Daly, special friend, by Eilien Daugherty, Brookfield.
» In memory of Melissa and William Vlaskovich, Hermitage.
» Ed and Anne Colt, Hermitage.
» In memory of Snowball from Kaitlin and Rosey.
» Donald and Bonnie Saxe, Hermitage.
» Mary Ellen and Richard Foltz, Sharon.
» In memory of Helen and Julius Darko, and Richard Darko; and Mary and Rynaold Schneider contributed by Muncey and John Schneider.
» Edward C. Groff, Masury.
» Anne Lorenzo, Hermitage.
» Judith Anderson, Lackawannock Township, in memory of husband, Howard W. Anderson Sr.
» Pearl J. Nitch, Sharpsville, in memory of husband, John Nitch and son, Carl Nitch.
» Simon and Helen Mirkovich, Farrell.
» Ralph and Carol Robinson, Sharpsville.
» In memory of abused, neglected and aborted children.
» Jack, Diance, Bobby and Erica Skinner, memory of Grampa Dyll.
» Pat and Gene Winger, Mercer.
» Michael and Jane Smith, Farrell.
» John and Cheryl Rose, Hermitage.
» Nancy and Gary Finzel, Sharon.
» Chester and Florence Krokoski, Farrell.
» Jerry and Shirley Osborne, West Middlesex, in memory of our parents Elmer and Isabelle Sveighart and Victor and Alice Osborne.
» Glenn and Dorothy Jackson, Hermitage.
» Linda E. Subasic, Sharon.
» James and Marcia Edeburn, Sharpsville.
» Don and Mary Lou Somich, Hermitage.
» Mr. and Mrs. Albert Papay, Hermitage.
» Thomasina A. Ross, Farrell.
» Mr. and Mrs. N. Lombardo, Hermitage.
» Joseph and Dorothy Costello, Sharpsville.
» Alfred and Janette Boardley in memory of Keith David Boardley.
» Alfred and Janette Boardley, in memory of John A. Palisin.
» In loving memory of Rebecca Koborie; and grandparents Michael and Julia Koborie and John and Julia Yendrek, by John and Julianne Koborie, Sharon.
» Pat and Sally White, Hermitage, in memory of parents.
» Stewart and Camille Crill, Hermitage.
» Floyd Mikis in memory of Stephen "Skip" Mikis and Ellen Dute.
» William A. and June Montgomery, Jackson Center.
» Albert and Carol Kaletka, Hermitage.
» Thomas and Diane O'Brien, Brookfield.
» In loving memory of William Hornak from his family.
» Wendell and Imogene Miller, Jackson Center, in memory of brother Kenneth Miller.
» In loving memory of wife, Helen by Roy A. O'Hare.
» Bob and Margie Miller, Hermitage.
» Noami Dahringer, Sharon.
» Jack and Mary Louise Kerins, Hermitage.
» Angela Masson, Sharpsville, in memory of husband, Daniel Masson.
» David and Judy Pringle, West Middlesex.
» United Lutheran Society Assembly 62, Hermitage.
» Howard and Melanie Berneburg, Hermitage.
» Donald and Mary Wilson Sr., Mercer.
» Frank and Quoilla Gabriel, Farrell.
» James Yannesse, Sharon.
» Jake and Jackie Zagger, Hermitage.
» Pat, Maury and John Keaveny, Sharon.
» In memory of our sister Dot Moody by Vic, Bev and Ike.
» Joseph Cline, Catherine and Frank Costello, in memory of Marcia Cline Nelson.
» In memory of Andy Misinay by Monica Misinay, Hermitage.
» Bob and Jane Rhodes, Fredonia.
» Prof. Harvey and Ginny Cole, Grove City College.
» Dr. Mark J. Foley, Hermitage.
» Louis and Frances Deeb, Hermitage.
» Robert and Betty Lou Morgan, Sharon.
» Bonnie Gray, Farrell.
» Frances A. Fill in memory of Walter J. Fill and Ryan Chlebowski.
» Elizabeth Thanos, Hermitage.
» "Hank" Stanek in memory of Mary Stanek.
» Helen Kessell, Sharon, in memory of husband Michael Kessell.
» Rose Scarvel in memory of husband Bill Scarvel.
» Curt, Sue and Jayme Leake.
» Thomas and Marcia Gibbons Jr., Hermitage.
» Joanne Ianniri, West Middlesex, in memory of Johanna and Joe Muller and Louise and Joe Pishkur.
» Nina Ruth Nastasy, Sharpsville.
» In memory of Joseph and Margaret Glavey from family.
» Delahunty Middle School Casual Day Club.
» Elaine Y. Garrett.
» Bill Brown in memory of Shirley.
» In memory of Ed by wife Min Dyll, Hermitage.
» Jerry, Patti and Ryan Chupak.
» Rick's Lock and Key, Hermitage.
» Ray and Violet Matta, Sharpsville.
» William and Marjory Ireland, Hermitage.
» Joseph and Pauline Yasnowski, Sharpsville.
» Frank and Adelaide Szabo, Sharon.
» Ann Varvarich, Farrell, in memory of parents George and Mary Varvarich.
» Anthony and Pauline Sostarich, Hermitage.
» William E. and Roberta J. Himes, Sharon.
» Elaine Pompa, Grove City, in memory of Anthony "Tony" Pompa.
» Shirley Leedham, Sharon, in memory of husband Thomas R. Leedham, Sr.
» Notre Dame 3rd Grade Religious Education: Brian Brown, Mark Caracci, Lindsey Hollahan, Patrick Layshock, Cameron Linton, Patrick Loedding, Lauren Lubarski, Emily Puleo, Jacob Puskar, Thomas Radachy, Hauden Rohrbacher, Zachary Scarton, Kevin Walko, Sam and Ann Petrillo, and Marsha Petrillo, in memory of Alice Cochran.
» Jim and Janice Raykie, Sharpsville, in memory of infant Seymour Swogger Pinchot.

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