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Many local service men and women are still serving their country in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world.

Because they and their families might appreciate an encouraging card or e-mail from home this holiday season, The Herald is publishing postal and e-mail addresses, provided by family members.

Service members are:

   » SPC Erick M. Lane, C-10 AVN, TF 3-17, 3-2 SBCT, Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, APO AE 09366.

The son of Garry and Linda Lane, Hermitage, is a 1993 alumnus of Hickory High School in Hermitage.

   » Chief Warrant Officer 3 Kathy Fill, CFL CC/RCERT-SWA, APO AE 09304.

The daughter of Frances Fill, Sharon, and the late Walter Fill is stationed in Kuwait. She is a graduate of what are now Kennedy Catholic High School, Hermitage; and Slippery Rock University.

   » Chief Warrant Officer 2 William Kilgore, 12 AVN BDE, 5-158 A Co., APO AE 09302-1387. Kilgore, an Army Blackhawk helicopter pilot who has been serving in Iraq since Feb. 9, is a son of Delores "Dee" Russell of Farrell and William Kilgore, Marienville. Kilgore is a 1989 graduate of Hickory High School, Hermitage. "I just hope people realize that the war isn't over and these young men and women really miss their families, especially during the holidays," Kilgore's mother wrote, adding, "If every family who receives The Herald would send a Christmas card to each soldier overseas whose name appears in this column, he/she would be overwhelmed with such a feeling of love ..."

   » Nick Kehoe, PSC 251 Box 734, APO AP 96542. Kehoe, a 2000 graduate of Sharpsville High School and a son of David and Diana Kehoe, is serving with an Air Force special forces unit, stationed in Guam. "Cards, letters and prayers would be greatly appreciated," his mother wrote.

   » Pvt. Israel Kirven, D/5 SADA Unit 15131, APO AP 96224-5131. Kirven, a grandson of Elinor Smith of Brookfield and son of Richard Miller, formerly of Brookfield, is stationed at Camp Casey in South Korea.

Two sons of Rick and Terri Kimmy of Greenville are serving in the military. They are:

   » GM3 Nathan Kimmy, USS Ogden (LPD5), FPO AP 96674-1708. Kimmy is deployed on an eight-month tour aboard the USS Ogden.

   » MM3 Ryan Kimmy, 305-7 101 NNPTC Circle, Goose Creek, SC 29445. Kimmy is stationed in Goose Creek, S.C., and attended school for nuclear mechanics.

   » Sgt. George A. Welton, B Co. 501st FSB, Unite 92869, APO AE 09324-2869 is serving in Iraq with his unit that is stationed in Germany, where his wife and two children live. Welton, a Mercer High School graduate, is a former executive chef at Tara, a country inn in Clark.

   » Senior Airman Jesse A. Wozniak, 404 N. 7th St. Unit 1347, Eglin Air Force Base, FL 32542. Wozniak, a 2000 graduate of West Middlesex High School and son of Larry and Ingrid Wozniak of Mercer, is assigned to the 728th Air Control Squadron. He recently returned from a 7-month tour at the "Baghdad International Airport," monitoring ground radar and working security.

   » Spc. Jacqueline Herr, 204 MP Co., APO AE 09342-1332. An Army nurse, who has been serving in Baghdad since March, Herr is a granddaughter of Lucy Flood of Farrell. A graduate of Farrell High School, known then as Jacqueline Hower, her daughter, Brittaney Shaffer, lives in Clark.

   » Capt. Todd A. Book, HHC/1-16th Infantry Battalion, 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, FOB Junction City, APO AE 09394. Book, a son of Bill and Joan Book of Mercer, is serving in Iraq. He is a 1993 graduate of West Middlesex High School and earned a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering in 1997 from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

   » Spc. Nathaniel R. Kozma, 234 FAD (ABN), Unit 91497, 82nd Airborne D-rear, FOB Ridgway, APO AE 09384-1497. Kozma, a radar operator stationed in Habbaniyah, Iraq, is a son of Judy Huff, Hermitage, and Richard Kozma Jr., Farrell.

   » Staff Sgt. Chad Chisholm, B Troop TRP, 1-3 ACR Unit 91459, APO AE 09320-1459. Chad, a son of Julie and Ron Carr of Grove City, is with the 3rd armored cavalry in Iraq. His birthday is Dec. 25.

   » Spc. Eric M. Crytzer, HHT 1/4 CAV, CMR 464 Box 104, APO AE 09226, is stationed in Germany. He is a son of Terri Nelson, who notes that no special postage is required to write to any service member. A regular U.S. postage stamp is all that is required.

   » Staff Sgt. Mark A. Schott 6751, 544 Maintenance Battalion, 475th Quartermaster Co. 92665, APO AE 09323-2665. Schott is a son of Margaret Schott of Hermitage.

   » Sgt. 1st Class Brian Gunsley, 1454th Trans. Co., APO AE 09366. Gunsley, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Gunsley of Sharpsville, is serving in the National Guard from North Carolina in the Iraq-Kuwait area.

   » Staff Sgt. John Kimpan PSC 1013 Box 596, APO AE 09725 e-mail: KIMPAN@MWR.IS Kimpan and his wife, Alicia Andes Kimpan, are stationed a Keflavik Navl Air Station in Iceland. Kimpan is a son of Sandy Kimpan of Sharpsville.

   » Pvt. 1st Class Daniel A. Lumpp, HHC 2nd Engineer BN, Unit 15046, Box 508, APO AP 96224-5046. Lumpp, a son of Veronica Lumpp, Masury, and John Lumpp, Youngstown, is stationed in Korea.

   » Spc. John Fleet, Mortar Platoon HHC, 1st Battalion 12th Inf. Reg, Unit 92614, APO AE 09323-2614. Fleet, a son of John and Esther Fleet of Lake Township, is stationed in Tikrit, Iraq.

Two sons of Floyd and Donna Tingley of Stoneboro are serving with the U.S. military in Germany.

   » Maj. Thomas Tingley, Box 261 PSC 7, APO AE 09104, is stationed at Geilenkerchen NATO Air Force Base in northern Germany. His wife, Joette, and sons Joshua and Zachary are there, too.

   » Capt. Steve Tingley, Box 322 CMR 407, APO AE 09098, is with the Army at Bad Adlin Station in southern Germany. His wife, Mary, and children Jacob, Luke and Hannah, also are there.

   » Cpl. Aaron Barth, T/F Ironhorse (3/C/588/EN BN), Unit 92610, APO AE 09323-2610, is serving in the Army's 4th Infantry in Iraq. Barth, whose unit is from Fort Hood, Texas, is a 1998 graduate of Sharpsville High School. He is a son of Gina DelFratte Barth.

   » Sgt. Edward W. Siefert, FOB Manhatten, B Co. 1-9 CAV/TF 1-34 AR, APO AE 09394, is serving in Iraq. Siefert is a son of Skip Siefert of Sharpsville and a grandson of Bill and Ruth Siefert of Hermitage. In a recent letter to his grandfather, Siefert said "mail is a huge morale boost."

   » Spc. Edward Ohl, A Co./8th-101st AVN REGT. 96157, APO AE 09325-6157. Ed, a son of Kim and Bill Abbott and Tom Ohl, sends his sincere thanks for all the prayers, cards and packages he has received. He really appreciates the support, his mother said.

   » Pfc. Markos E. Papamarkos, A Co. 1/327 INF REG, Unit #96018, APO AE 09325-6018. Papamarkos, a 2002 graduate of Hickory High School, is a son of Steve and Debbie Corwin of Hermitage. He is with the 101st Airborne Air Assault in Qyyarah, Iraq, and will be in Iraq for Christmas and his birthday, which is around that time.

   » Lance Cpl. Nathan DiClaudio, NA USMC, HMM-163 Flightline, UIC 41026, FPO AP 96611-1206, e-mail: DiClaudio DiClaudio, a son of Linda Dumas, is serving with the Marine Corps aboard the Navy ship, USS Peleliu, which is off-shore in southern Iraq. He is deployed with the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit. A helicopter mechanic, DiClaudio works on CH-53s.

To have a family member or friend's name and address or e-mail added to the list, send information to: Sarah Adams, night news editor, The Herald, Box 51, Sharon 16146 or via e-mail at:

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