The Herald, Sharon, PA Published May 20, 2001


Mercer County Career Center, Coolspring Township, Mercer County, Pa.

  • AWARDS DAY: 9:15 a.m. and 12:45 p.m. May 25.


  • OUTSTANDING SENIORS: One will be named for each session. Finalists are Shawn Knauff, son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Knauff, Ubers Lane, Jefferson Township; Jill Philson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Philson, Millbrook Road, Jackson Township; Jed Popovitch, son of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Popovitch, Maysville Road, West Salem Township; Brian Colussy, son of Mildred Colussy, Caldwell Road, Sandy Lake Township, and Dale Colussy, Jackson Center; Danyel Curry, daughter of Debra MacRae, Fox Mine Road, Jackson Township; and Amanda Patton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Patton, Patton Road, Sandy Lake.


    Commodore Perry -- Josh Mazon and Timothy Ward, auto body; Eric Davison, auto mechanics; Justin Vosler, building trades; Jessica Kaltenbaugh, cosmetology; Mike McCullough, carpentry; Brian Frye and Selina Pickard, culinary arts; Travis Reither, diesel mechanics; Nathaniel Wilson, electronics technology, Ashley Campbell and Ashlee Lumley, health care careers academy; Mike Chess, Jason Hoovler and Mike Vanartsdalen, machine tool technology; and Crystal Cottrell, personal care.

    Farrell -- Amanda Cascio, business marketing technology.

    Greenville -- Justin McGrath and William Moore, auto mechanics; Kimberly Yeager, culinary arts; Eric Allan and Issac Lewis, electronics technology; Amy Bartholomew, heath care careers academy; and Pam Dressler, personal care.

    Grove City -- Josh Baldry and Clayton Miller, auto body; Derek Hedglin, Tony Nosker and Dave Struble, auto mechanics; Charlie Patterson, Rosemary Pollio and Shannon Shuler, business marketing technology; Roberta Hamelly, cosmetology; Amy Magee, culinary arts, John Stoops, machine tool technology; and Jon Hartman, protective services.

    Hermitage -- Ben Hassel, auto mechanics; Latoya Bradley, Collette Dye and Amber King, business marketing technology; Andrew Lapikas, building trades; Amy Cave, computer and office technology; Michael Walker, culinary arts; Dalibor Mitic, diesel mechanics; Melissa Fox, Erin Marks and Renee Morris, health care careers academy.

    Jamestown -- Nick Byler and Matthew Gill Jr., auto body; Chad Erdice, Renee Holiga, Matt Ordean and Michael White, auto mechanics; Tana Cathcart, Jeannette Painter and Tasha Floch, business marketing technology; Ryan Gault, building trades; Tamara McLaughlin, computer and office technology; Sephanie Joiner, culinary arts; Hugh McClimans and Thomas Rebele, electronics technology; Kevin Forcier, machine tool technology; Megan Gillispie, personal care; and Mike McElhaney, protective services.

    Lakeview -- Brandon Clark and Daniel Heckman, auto body; Lee Brenot, Laurie Forrester, Nicole Heister and Kyle Shuck, auto mechanics; Amanda Patton, business marketing technology; Dennis Atwell, business trades; Danyel Curry, April Gregory and Carrie Kress, cosmetology; William Patterson, carpentry; Brian Colussy and Stephanie Grantham, culinary arts; Phillip Cassida, Jim Garland, Andy Geiger, James Guthrie and Scott Liese, diesel mechanics; Adam Clark, electronics technology; Jill Philson, health care career academy; Kortney Klapec, machine tool technology; Windy Ketcham, personal care; and Tim Barr, protective services.

    Mercer -- Eric Gibson and Shane Webb, auto mechanics; Stephen Burk, Joshua Dunlap and Eric Reynolds, building trades; Stephanie Cornelius, Anna Dixon, Crystal Parker, Kristan Pettigrew and Amanda Sauer, computer and office technology; Melanie Depreta, Ashley Lawton, Melissa Minner and Jessie Ryan, cosmetology; Shawn Knauff, carpentry; Rachel Cogley, culinary arts; John Young and Andrew Christy, electronics technology; Michelle Burk, health care careers academy; Jason McGhee, machine tool technology; Megan Anderson, Tiffany Christy and Mellisha Martyna; personal care; and Loxie Hagan, protective services.

    Reynolds -- Earl Coonce, auto body; Michael Derr, Dustin Frantz, Jonathan Mabry and Jimmy Williard, auto mechanics; Larissa Mack, business marketing technology; Sam Bochy and Rhett Myers, building trades; Candice Draganjac and Stephanie Greggs, computer and office technology; Shannon Heffern and Michelle Rittenhouse, cosmetology, Steven Luciani, Ryan Patterson and Dustin Schmidt, carpentry; Chelsea Rimer, culinary arts; Danielle McGuire, Nathan Nitch, Paul Petrey and Keith Sensesak, diesel mechanics; Justin Brady, Marc Miller and Daniel Slater, electronics technology; Jade McCowien, health care careers academy; Jed Popovitch and Jeremiah Williams, machine tool technology; Brandy Coonce and Clifedda Ward, personal care; Daniel McCloskey, Matthew Ruhlman and Joshua Small, protective services.

    Sharpsville -- Anthony Passerotti and Chris Scardina, auto mechanics; Jon Flaherty, building trades; Stephen Ayres, carpentry; Brandi Park, personal care; and Jessica Kuncio, protective services,

    Sharon -- Sara Wiesen and Rochelle Odem, business marketing technology; Nicholas Marletto and Brian Scott, building trades; Kylee Phillips, cosmetology; John Fisher and Philip Pisani, carpentry; Douglas Nale, protective services.

    West Middlesex -- Ernie Papay, auto body; Lance Iversdal, auto mechanics; Mark Bobbie, carpentry; Candyce Doerr, Cristi Huffman and Justin Slater, culinary arts; Joshua Hunter and Scott Krznar, diesel mechanics; Nick Mariotti, electronics technology; Justin Kovach, machine tool technology; Candi Bostaph, personal care, Justin Barnes, protective services.

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