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published January 1, 2001


Herald announces plans to honor 'Dynamic Dozen' student-athletes

By Jeff Greenburg
Herald Sports Editor

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here's hoping everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday.

And if not, we hope the following bit of news might brighten your spirits just a bit.

Since joining The Herald in 1992, I have been proud of the steps and efforts our sports staff has taken in order to honor and recognize the area's best athletes.

In particular during that tenure, we have added the Heralded 22 all-star football team and Fabulous 15 all-star teams for boys and girls basketball and wrestling.

In conjunction with those teams are selections for teams, players and coaches of the year, respectively, as well as a Johnny Pepe Award winner.

When it comes to such recognition, The Herald takes a back seat to noone, especially considering where we came from many years ago. But unfortunately lost in the shuffle of recognizing athletic prowess by most news organizations, including this one, are those athletes who might not be the stars of their teams, but bring to the table outstanding academics and community service.

It's those athletes who all too often slip between the media cracks when recognition is being doled out. We here at The Herald are hoping to rectify that situation, at least in one small way, beginning this spring when the first "Dynamic Dozen" team is introduced.

What may eventually become the most prestigious honor passed out by this paper will include the top dozen all-around student-athletes from schools in The Herald's coverage area, including: Brookfield, Commodore Perry, Farrell, George Junior, Greenville, Grove City, Hickory, Hubbard, Jamestown, Kennedy Christian, Lakeview, Mercer, Reynolds, Sharon, Sharpsville, Slippery Rock, West Middlesex and Wilmington.

In addition, a student-athlete of the year, of sorts, will be picked and featured along with the "Dynamic Dozen."

What The Herald needs for this to be a success, however, is the cooperation of coaches, administrators and guidance personnel.

Since we don't have access to academic records or personal community service activities of student-athletes, it's going to be up to coaches and administrators of the area to submit the names and background information of deserving kids.

Nominations, with complete biographical information included (athletic, academic and citizenship or community service activities), will be accepted in writing at any time through May 1. It would be permissable for additional information for any nominee competing in spring sports to be added later.

A committee, including our staff, will then sift through the nominations to come up with a final list of 12, as well as the student-athlete of the year. Should cooperation go beyond our expectations, it's possible a second 12 will be named.

Again, we emphasize this will only work with the cooperation of coaches and school administrators. Please think of the kids and take some time to submit deserving nominees in order for them to get much deserved recognition.

Send info to: Dynamic Dozen, The Herald, 52 South Dock St., Sharon, Pa., 16146.

Jeff Greenburg is sports editor of The Herald.

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