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Football 2001

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  • 2001 roster: FARRELL

    No.NamePos.Ht.Wt. Year
    2Brian DungeeQB-DB5-916010
    3Dwayne BrownRB-LB5-615512
    5Allan ClaiborneRB-LB5-920511
    7Dustin PinkinsQB-DB6-015010
    8O'Bryan LampkinsRB-DB5-1016512
    9Petey CraigWR-DB6-119512
    10Justin OdemRB-LB5-1019012
    11Jason MarshallRB-LB6-020511
    14Marcus GregoryTE-DT6-223512
    20Teedray CraigRB-DB5-616510
    22Ken AveryRB-DB5-817012
    23Brandon ChambersRB-DB6-015512
    24Tahfaran OwensRB-DB6-015511
    25Winston KennedyRB-LB6-020010
    26Jamal West-MacklinRB-DB5-511510
    27Aubrey ChambersRB-LB6-01759
    32James ZecRB-LB5-916011
    33Quintin OdemRB-DB6-01659
    34Justin ParkerRB-DB5-512510
    35Dan WileyTE-DE6-022011
    40Emanuel GrahamRB-DB5-81012
    45Tom PoorbaughRB-LB5-515512
    50Sean KearneyOT-DE6-522012
    54Willie WestOT-DT6-020510
    55Justin NicastroOG-NG5-1121011
    56Rufus ChambersOG-LB5-717511
    57Jim BrancaOG-DE5-1118011
    58Steve WilliamsOG-DE5-1019512
    59Gerald ManningC-DT6-120512
    62Curtis JonesOG-NG5-1120011
    64Tay RobinsonOT-DE6-321510
    66Matt BloughC-NG5-719511
    68Chris GeorgeC-NG5-822510
    70Brian SandersOT-DT6-230012
    72John IzzoOT-DT5-1020010
    74Justin GuerinoOT-DT5-618010
    75Frank HollowayOT-DT6-128511
    77Lonnie BridgesOT-DT6-225011
    80Jayson JacksonTE-DE6-216010
    82Marcus MillhouseTE-DE6-118010
    84Clarence ClayTE-DE6-219010

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