The Herald, Sharon, PA Published Thursday, Aug. 30, 2001

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  • 2001 roster: SHARON

    No. NamePos.Ht.Wt. Year
    1Richard ManningWR-DB6-1180 12
    3Marcus SmithRB-DB6-122511
    4Carl WheatonWR-LB5-1017012
    5Lamar SmithTE-DT5-1023511
    6Mike SchneiderQB-DB6-321512
    7Gary MalgieriWR-DB6-018511
    8LeRoy TaylorRB-DE6-222012
    9Justin SchweissRB-LB6-223012
    11Jon FinnRB-LB5-1117012
    12Quaz BoatwrightWR-DB6-018011
    15Chris WhalenWR-DB5-1114510
    16T.J. BurkeQB-DB5-1117011
    17Mike BochertQB-DB5-1117010
    18Jon HunterTE-DT6-224510
    19John ReayWR-DB5-1018012
    20Matt GillWR-DB5-1117511
    21Zak WilliamsWR-DB5-815510
    22Todd PorterfieldFB-LB6-11809
    23Marcus BoatwrightRB-DB5-412010
    24Justin TurnbaughWR-DB6-117011
    25Dan TomkoFB-LB6-120511
    27Jake BraymerWR-DE6-018012
    28Lee QuentinRB-DB5-413510
    31Mike CainWR-DB5-51209
    32Marcus GillilandRB-DE5-1116010
    33Dominic RossWR-DB5-61309
    34Guy SchellRB-LB5-617010
    36Tony MerolilloRB-LB5-51409
    37Byron BradleyWR-DB5-101709
    50Will PipkinOG-DT5-1023011
    51Austin PapayC-DE6-221010
    52Prentiss AdamsOT-DT6-522510
    53Bill HowardOT-DT6-025010
    54Sir ThomasOG-DT6-023011
    55Wade VoganOT-LB6-226012
    56Chase HugheyOT-DT6-023510
    57Jim MoroccoOG-DT-K5-1021512
    58Gerald BaldwinOT-DT6-015510
    59Joe SimkoC-LB6-023512
    61Dylan PageOT-DT6-126010
    63Logan MalieOG-DT5-1018011
    64Casey PagliariniOG-LB5-1019011
    65Clarence CannonOT-DT5-514510
    66Brent DavensizerOG-DE5-1114510
    67Justin NewlanOT-DT6-023512
    68Jon TotinOG-DT5-01709
    70Aaron StinedurfTE-DT5-51609
    71Jeremy JewellOT-DT6-525512
    72Russell CannonOT-DT5-817511
    73Ron RodgersOT-DT6-022511
    74Josh OstOT-DT6-025510
    75Brian HarrisOT-DT5-1024012
    77Ryan RodemoyerOG-DT6-426512
    78Andrew ZuschlagOG-DT5-71409
    79Duan PearsonOT-DT6-436012
    84Montelle FairfaxTE-DT5-822510
    89Mike GoldenOT-DT5-1128511

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