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Greens that are just a short drive away
Golf enthusiasts in the Mercer County area ca play a different course every day of the week for a month and still not hit them all. And one of them -- at Buhl Farm park in Hermitage -- even is free. Here's a guide to courses in the Penn-Ohio area, with info for the 2001 season
course map
Compiled by Herald Sports Writer Nathan Summers.

1 Birchwood
Address: 99 Birchwood Drive, Transfer (off Route 18, just north of the Shenango Lake causeway)
Phone: 962-9875
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 72-6,150 (women) 78-5,800
Greens fees: (weekdays) $7/$14; (weekends) $8/$16; (seniors) $5.50/$11
Tee times needed: no
Chip shots: Fine holes for every kind of golfer. Wide variety of holes. No major changes since 2000.
15 Borland
Address: 172 Borowicz Road, New Wilmington (off Route 18)
Phone: 946-2371
Holes: 18 (9 regulation, 9 par 3)
Par, yards: regulation -- (men) 36-3, 193; (women) 36-2,709; par 3 -- (men) 27-1,366; (women) 27-1,098
Greens fees: regulation -- (weekdays) $8/$12.75; (weekends) $8.75/$13.75; (seniors) $1 off each 9 holes; par 3 -- (weekdays) $5.50/$9.25; (weekends) $5/$10; (seniors) 50 cents off each 9 holes daily
Tee times needed: recommended on weekends and holidays
Chip shots: Par 3 course provides a more difficult challenge than many might expect. No major changes. Rebuilding some tees and paving some of the cart paths.
2 Buhl Farm
Address: 1290 Forker Blvd., Hermitage
Phone: 962-1943
Holes: 9
Par, yards: (men) 34-2,408; (women) 34-2,408
Greens fees: none
Tee times needed: no
Chip shots: Still believed to be only free public golf course in world. Home course for the Shenango Valley First Tee program.
3 Hickory VFW
Address: 4586 E. State St., Hermitage (Route 62)
Phone: 346-6903
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 71-6,405; (women) 72-5,708
Greens fees: (weekdays) $8.25/$16.50; (weekends) $8.75/$17.50; (seniors, 62 and retired, or juniors, under 18) $6.75/$13.50
Tee times needed: Before 1 p.m. weekends/holidays.
Chip shots: Lots of landscaping throughout the course.
4 Mercer
Address: 281 Golf Road, Mercer (off Route 58, halfway between Mercer and Greenville)
Phone: 662-9951
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 72-6,194; (women) 72-5,366
Greens fees: (weekdays) $7/$14; (weekends) $8/$16; (seniors, weekdays only) $6/$12; carts are $10.
Tee times needed: weekends/holidays
Chip shots: Drivers must beware on Golf Road as golfers tee off over the road on the 16th hole. Annual junior tourney is set for Aug. 3, with Optimist Club Scramble Aug. 4.
5 Pine Grove
Address: 38 Fairway Drive, Grove City (off 208 East)
Phone: 458-9942
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 72-5,833; (women) 72-5,051
Greens fees: (weekdays) $9/$18; (weekends) $10/$20; (seniors) $1 off each 9 Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Tee times needed: daily
Chip shots: This course offers plenty of water as 8 ponds about 7 holes.
6 Pine Hill
Address: Leech Road, Greenville
Phone: 588-8053
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 72-6,013; (women) 72-5,430
Greens fees: (weekdays) $7/$14; (weekends) $8/$16; (seniors, weekdays) $6/$12; (seniors, weekends) $7/$14
Tee times needed: weekends/holiday
Chip shots: Golfers provided with variety of tight holes and wide open holes.
7 Spring Valley
Address: 925 Bestwick Road, Mercer
Phone: 662-1999
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 71-5,797; (women) 71-4,863
Greens fees: (weekdays) $8.50/$17; (weekends) $9/$18; (seniors) $1 off daily
Tee times needed: weekends/holidays
Chip shots: Back 9 is one of the most challenging in the county. A driving range is also available. New pitch-and-putt has been added.
8 Tam O'Shanter
Address: Route 18, Hermitage
Phone: 981-3552
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 72-6,504; (women) 76-5,385
Greens fees: (weekdays) $10.50/$24; (weekends) $13.50/$29; (seniors, Mon.-Thurs.), $8/$18; (juniors under-18 Mon.-Thurs.), $6/$12
Tee times needed: recommended
Chip shots: Lighted driving range enables golfers to tee it up after dark. Perennially named one of Pennsylvania's best public courses. The Web site can place tee times on the Internet. Fairways were all upgraded and course is playing fast.
10 Willow Hills
Address: 109 George Junior Road, Grove City (behind Pine Grove Square Plaza)
Phone: 748-3375
Holes: 9 (par 3)
Par, yards: (men) 27-1,100; (women) 27-1,100
Greens fees: (weekdays) $6/$11; (weekends) $6/$11
Tee times needed: no
Chip shots: This is a family-oriented center for young and old alike. Features driving range and 18-hole putting course. Some tees on the driving range are now covered.
11 Greenville Country Club
Address: Mercer Road, Greenville
Phone: 588-6020
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 72-6,306; (women) 72-5,169
Greens fees: private club
Tee times needed: on weekends and holidays
Chip shots: Greenville Business and Industry Day outing, entering its 51st year, will feature PGA pro and Greensburg native Rocco Mediate. The 5-man scramble returns Aug. 11
12 Grove City Country Club
Address: 73 Country Club Road, Grove City
Phone: 748-3493
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 72-6,338; (women) 72-5,193
Greens fees: private club
Tee times needed: NA
Chip shots: New 9 holes is entering its sixth full season of use.
13 Oak Tree Country Club
Address: State Line Road and Route 318, Shenango Township
Phone: 528-9984
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 71-6,212; (women) 74-5,427
Greens fees: private club
Tee times needed: NA
Chip shots: Head pro Mike Ferry enters his second year, along with assistnats Terry Danko and Jason Fezy. New ladies tee has built on No. 16.
14 Sharon Country Club
Address: 1030 Forker Blvd., Hermitage
Phone: 981-6705
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 70-6,185; (women) 72-5,595
Greens fees: private club
Tee times needed: NA
Chip shots: Double-row irrigation system enters its fourth year and proved beneficial, making the rough even more difficult. Brad Phillips of Sharpsville is the second-year pro.

16 Castle Hills
Address: 110 West Oakwood Way, New Castle
Phone: 652-8122
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 72-6,160; (women) 72-5,530
Greens fees: (weekdays) $9/$18; (weekends) $11/$22; (seniors) $7 and $14 weekdays and after 2 p.m. on weekends
Tee times needed: required daily
Chip shots: New sand traps are in place across the course, and fairways have been reshaped. Course also features a drving range.
17 Green Meadows
Address: Route 19, Volant, 8 miles south of Interstate 80 on Route 19
Phone: (724) 530-7330
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 72-6,142; (women) 72-4,746
Greens fees: (weekdays) $9/$18; (weekends) $11/$21; (seniors) $7 and $14 weekdays and after 2 p.m. on weekends
Tee times needed: recommended on weekends
Chip shots: Paved cart paths circumvent a challenging layout. Fast greens regarded as some of the best in this area. New sand traps have been added.
18 Mohawk Trails
Address: Route 551, New Castle
Phone: (724) 667-8570
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 72-6,324; (women) 72-4,500
Greens fees: (weekdays) $8/$16; (weekends) $9/$18; (seniors) $6/$12 weekdays.
Tee times needed: All but Tuesdays and Thursdays
Chip shots: No major changes reported for 2001.
19 Rolling Hills
Address: RD 1, Route 208, Pulaski
Phone: 964-8201
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 71-6,000; (women) 73-5,000
Greens fees: (weekdays before 1) $6.50/$12; (weekdays after 1) $8/$15; (weekends before 2) $9/$17.50; (weekends after 2) $7.50/$14; (seniors weekdays before 1) $5.50/$11; (seniors weekdays after 1) $7/12
Tee times needed: weekends/holidays
Chip shots: An irrigation system covers the entire course and is drawn from a 3year-old, 2-million-gallon lake on the right side of No. 10 fairway. A new pro shop was added in 2000.
20 Tanglewood
Address: RD 1, Tanglewood Road, Pulaski (just off Route 208)
Phone: 964-8702 or (800) GOLF-610
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 72-6,060; (women) 76-5,600
Greens fees: (weekdays) $7.50/$15; (weekends) $9/$18 or $7.50/$15 after 2 p.m.; (seniors and juniors, prior to 2 p.m. during the week) $6/$12
Tee times needed: weekends/holidays
Chip shots: Lake on No. 1 creeps into the fairway.

21 Hartstown
Address: Route 322 West, Hartstown
Phone: (724) 932-3017
Holes: 9
Par, yards: (men) 36-3,245; (women) 36-3,055
Greens fees: (weekdays) $6; (weekends) $6.50.
Tee times needed: no
Chip shots: Irrigation system has been added on all tee boxes. Hartstown is 5 miles from Jamestown.
9 Walnut Creek
Address: 3277 East Lake Road, Jamestown
Phone: 932-5219
Holes: 9
Par, yards: (men) 36-2,852; (women) 36-2,456
Greens fees: (weekdays) $7/$15 (all day); (weekends) $7.50; (seniors) $1 off daily
Tee times needed: no
Chip shots: Extensive creek system comes into play on six of the nine holes. A new pond was added on third hole, and the fairways are irrigated.

22 Avalon Lakes
Address: One American Way, Howland
Phone: (330) 856-8898
Holes: 18
Par, yards: course undergoing multimillion-dollar renovation
Greens fees: $150 (includes cart and driving range privileges)
Tee times needed: required daily
Chip shots: Just a year removed from its major renovation project, Avalon has bolstered that project by doing $1 million of work on its drving range, set to open June 1. The course is offering a charter membership program this year, and has also welcomed new club pro, Brian Tolnar. Highlight of summer is return of Giant Eagle LPGA Classic. The tournament has one of the five highest purses available for any LPGA event.
23 Avalon South
Address: 9794 E. Market St., Howland
Phone: (330) 856-4329
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 71-6,224; (women) 71-5,038
Greens fees: (weekdays) $9.50/$19; (weekends) $10/$20; (seniors and juniors, weekdays until 4 p.m. and weekends after 3 p.m.) $7.50/$15
Tee times needed: daily
Chip shots: Front 9 provides wide open play for slicers and hookers. Back 9 is loaded with trees.
24 Bronzwood
Address: Kinsman-Pymatuning Road, Kinsman
Phone: (330) 876-5300
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 70-5,658; (women) 70-4,773
Greens fees: (weekdays) $7/$14; (weekends) $9.50/$18; (seniors, weekdays until 4 p.m.) $6/$12
Tee times needed: weekends
Chip shots: Automated sprinkler system ensures quality conditions throughout the year.
25 Candywood
Address: 765 Scoville North, Vienna
Phone: (330) 399-4217
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 72-6,149; (women) 73-5,257
Greens fees: (weekdays) $14/$28; (weekends) $15.50/$31; (seniors, over 62, and juniors, under 17, weekdays daily until 1 p.m. and on weekends and holidays after 3 p.m.) $7.50/$15 weekdays, $12/$24 weekends
Tee times needed: weekends and holidays required, weekdays after noon.
Chip shots: Put away your sand wedges; there are no bunkers on this course.
26 Deer Creek
Address: 7691 E. Liberty S.E., Hubbard (Route 304)
Phone: (330) 534-1395
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 71-5,665; (women) 71-4,979
Greens fees: (weekdays) $8.50/$17; (weekends) $9.50/$19; (seniors, weekdays until 3 p.m. and after 3 p.m. on weekends) $6/$12
Tee times needed: preferred
Chip shots: Watered fairways and tree-planting program continues. Driving range, in seventh season, is located across the street. A lake was added between Nos. 14 and 15 in 1999.
27 Donnybrook
Address: 3265 Schotten S.E., Hubbard
Phone: (330) 534-1872
Holes: 9
Par, yards: (men) 35-3,059; (women) 37-2,667
Greens fees: (7 days) $7/$14; (seniors, weekdays until 2 p.m.) $5/$10 (seniors after 2 p.m. 7 days) $6/$12
Tee times needed: no
Chip shots: Again, sand wedges are not necessary; there are no sand bunkers on the course.
28 Doughton
Address: 2600 Seifert-Lewis, Hubbard
Phone: (330) 568-7005
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 70-5,830; (women) 73-5,001
Greens fees: (weekdays) $9/$18; (weekends) $10/$20 until 3 p.m.; (seniors and juniors, weekdays until 2 p.m.), $6.50/$13.
Tee times needed: weekends/holidays required
Chip shots: Water comes into play on 7 of the 18 holes. New bunkers and tees added in 2000 highlight both ends of the course.
29 Hidden Oaks
Address: 903 Sodom Hutchings Road, Vienna, Ohio
Phone: (330) 856-6872
Holes: 9
Par, yards: (men) 36-3,061; (women) 36-2,735
Greens fees: (weekdays) $7.50; (weekends) $7.50; (seniors) $6; (seniors weekend) $7.
Tee times needed: weekends and holidays
Chip shots: Course specializes in night outings as well as private outings.
30 Pine Lakes
Address: 6233 W. Liberty S.E., Hubbard
Phone: (330) 534-9026
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 72-5,955; (women) 72-4,896
Greens fees: (weekdays) $10/$20; (weekends) $13/$26; (seniors, juniors before 2 p.m.) $8/$16; (seniors after 2 p.m. weekdays) $10/$20. Carts mandatory on weekends beginning May 26.
Tee times needed: daily
Chip shots: Formerly Hubbard Golf Course, the new No. 9, par 5 dogleg left hole will be open starting Memorial Day weekend. No. 2 has been lengthened.
37 Prestwick
Address: 4096 Cadwallader-Sonk Road, Cortland
Phone: (330) 637-7901
Holes: 9
Par, yards: (men) 36-3,315; (women) 36-2,720
Greens fees: (weekdays) $7.50; (weekends) $8; (seniors, weekends) $6
Tee times needed: weekends
Chip shots: Course features bunker-free golf, long par 4s and nice greens and irrigation system. Prestwick installed a new drainage system on holes 6-7-and-8 in 2000.
32 Tamer Win
Address: 2940 Niles-Cortland Road N.E., Cortland, Ohio.
Phone: (330) 637-2881
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 71-6,275; (women) 74-5,623
Greens fees: (weekdays) $9/$18; (weekends) $10.25/$20.50; (seniors, juniors weekday until 4 p.m.) $7/$14
Tee times needed: weekends and holidays
Chip shots: Even more new cart paths circumvent the course.
33 Walnut Run
Address: 601 E. Main St. Cortland
Phone: (330) 638-4653
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 72-6,630; (women) 72-4,907
Greens fees: nine holes are $13 every day; carts are $3 for nine, $6 for 18 holes. (weekdays, before 9 a.m. and after 3 p.m.) $17, (9 a.m. to 3 p.m.) $23; (weekends, before 2 p.m.) $30, (after 2 p.m.) $19.
Tee times needed: recommended daily
Chip shots: Tee renovations all last season added aesthetic value to the course.
34 Yankee Run
Address: 7610 Warren-Sharon Road, Brookfield (old Route 82)
Phone: (330) 448-8096
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 70-6,103; (women) 73-5,140
Greens fees: (weekdays) $11.50/$23; (weekends) $14/$28; (juniors and seniors weekdays until 2 p.m.) $9/$18;
Tee times needed: daily
Chip shots: The course is perennially considered one of the top public courses in Eastern Ohio. Carts are equipped with a Global Positioning Satellite system, which shows the exact distance of the hole being played, pin placements, and green depth.

35 Countryside
Address: 1421 Struthers-Coitsville Road, Lowellville
Phone: (330) 755-0016
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 71-6,160; (women) 71-5,399
Greens fees: (weekdays) $8.50/$17; (weekends) $9.50/$19; (seniors) $6/$12.95 through 2 p.m. weekdays
Tee times needed: weekends/holidays
Chip shots: Nice fairways and well-groomed approach areas highlight course. A lake was added on No. 8, and No. 3 green was made into an island hole.
36 Diamondback
Address: 9399 Leffingwell Road, Canfield
Phone: (330) 533-3053
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 72-5,773; (women) 72-4,634
Greens fees: (weekdays) $9/$18; (weekends) $9/$18; (seniors) $6/$12 before 2 p.m.
Tee times needed: on weekends
Chip shots: Diamondback features a very hilly layout. This will also be the fourth full season for a new 9 holes. There is a new fairway on No. 10, and the lakes have been dredged.
38 Reserve Run
Address: 625 Western Reserve Road, Boardman
Phone: (330) 758-1017
Holes: 18
Par, yards: (men) 70-6,320; (women) 70-5,411
Greens fees: (weekdays) $10/$20; (weekends) $10/$20; (seniors, weekends) $10/$20;
Tee times needed: required
Chip shots: It is a nationally rated golf course by Golf Magazine.

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