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    Kim Svirbly, who won first place in The Herald's second annual Valentine's Day contest, shares family time with her husband, Fran, and their children who provide ``great performances and no admission fee.'' They are Nathan, 4, on the couch with his parents; Stephen, 10, on the loveseat; and from left on the floor, Katelyn ``Katie,'' 5; Ryan, 21/2; and Aaron, 8. (Jean Angelo/Herald)

    Parenting makes every day a Valentine's Day

    [heart] Kim Svirbly, Masury, writing about her husband Fran and family

    THROUGHOUT our almost 13 years of marriage, there were at least five romantic moments: Stephen, 10; Aaron, 8; Katelyn, 5; Nathan, 4; and Ryan, 21/2. Obviously it's difficult to remember when we last had each other only to ourselves. At day's end, you're either busy catching up or exhaustingly winding down. But that's part of the commitment we're fulfilling at this time in our lives.

    We, the parents, in order to form a more perfect union, establish rules to ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common expenses, promote the general bedtimes and secure the blessings of sanity for ourselves and our posterity. We are committed to keeping each other from being committed. Yet many people say enjoy it while you can, so we try to.

    Since we don't get out much, we've learned to rely on our children for entertainment. Great performances and no admission fee! Aside from being an ``action-packed'' adventure team on a daily basis or as melodramatic as any Oscar winner, they are true-to-life comedians. An opportunity for us to seize the moment may be just a few kisses as we hold each other while standing in the kitchen. It's romantic until we're found out and heckled.

    What the daily routine of raising a family may lack in romance it makes up for in genuine love. Real-life ``storybook'' romances unfold by enjoying what each chapter has to offer as you turn the pages. It is during the ``everyday life stuff,'' if your heart is listening, will you hear love resounding?


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