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PA Published Tuesday, Sept. 7, 1999

Buhl Day '99
Post-Buhl Day pictures
Photography by David E. Dale, Herald chief photographer, and Gene Paulson, Herald photographer

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A pageantry of proud pooches from the Mercer County Dog Training Club take part in the Buhl Day parade.
Those honored at Buhl Day for their involvement in the community were Dr. Theodore L Yarboro, left, Carol Simon and lawyer David Goodwin.
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At left, the Buhl Mermaids swirl and dip through the water to entertain a crowd of onlookers at the Buhl Farm park pool.
   At right, Alison Logan of Hermitage concentrates on her fragile cargo in an egg relay during the old-fashioned picnic games for youngsters.
Winnie the Pooh entertains youngsters at the Buhl Farm casino. For adults, the highlight was a performance by the legendary Four Aces vocal group, accompanied by the local Carl Marks Band and a fireworks finale.
Lynn Ferguson battles some difficult, sticky cotton candy at the Sharon Band Boosters concession booth. More than two dozen community groups fed the crowd ethnic and traditional fair food ranging from barbecued chicken and elephant ears to blooming onions to fruit kabobs. For many of groups, it's their biggest fund-raiser of the year.
Art and music played an important part in the Buhl Day festivities. Lisa Pesavento makes her harp sing in the activities building as people stroll by the art on display in the Valley Arts Guild's show. Winners will be published in The Herald later this week.
Mitch and Lou Ann Nassar of Hermitage look over albums of Buhl Days past. The annual celebration resumed in 1980 after running from early in the century through World War II. The community picnic takes place in the Hermitage park that was created for the working man and families by turn-of-the-century industrialist/philanthropist Frank H. Buhl and his wife, Julia.

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