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Current and recent local news:
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» The latest local news and deaths

» Links to past days' local news headlines and deaths for 2004 // 2003 // 2002 // 2001 // 2000 // 1999 // 1998 // 1997 (available back to the 8/6/97; actual obits and links for full stories start in spring 2000. Older obituaries are NOT available online.)

» The Local Connection, an ongoing collection of Herald stories connecting local people and places to events in the news statewide, nationally or internationally

» Directory of local churches and religious services

» Bridal news -- Now you can have your wedding, engagement or anniversary online for distant friends and relatives to see

» Frequently asked questions for genealogists and other researchers on how The Herald and its archive can and can't help your search.

» Weekly and annual news chronology

WHAT YOU WON'T FIND ONLINE -- Much of our staff-produced content is available only in the print edition right now. The online version does not offer police news, births, or real estate transfers, among other often-sought content. What is online generally goes back no further than our May 1996 launch. There wasn't significant story content until early 2000.

You WILL find the full content of the daily paper and months of searchable archives if you subscribe to our FAQ and to try our Search tool.. Thank you.

Local news archives and special packages:

» Read more about the flood of 1913 flood -- Download an electronic reprint of a 40-page, picture-filled book chronicling the flood.

click to enlarge » Oakland Ave. viaduct implosion -- Coverage of the big boom, along with a history of the span and links to previous stories and photos [Click for larger animated photo]
outlook 2001 » Outlook 2001, the staff-written stories from our biggest print edition of the year.
Buhl Day
» Buhl Day 2000 // 1999 // 1998 // 1997 // 1996: Stories, events schedules and honorees' profiles for Buhl Day, the valley's annual picnic in the park -- a tribute the Buhls and the spirit of their gifts to the working man. »

» Our 15 seconds of fame: The biggest earthquake in Pa. history was centered in Mercer County in September 1998, causing more excitement than damage.

» Portrait of a Winner: James E. Winner Jr.'s business ventures range from The Club to hotels and a pending Vocal Group Hall of Fame. He says his mission is simple: Save downtown Sharon and make the valley a better place to live. Read our 4-part series.

tornado photo
A house rests on its neighbor along York Way in Sharon.

» The twister of '47: Billed as the worst disaster in Sharon's history, a tornado 50 years ago left death and destruction in its wake. Take a look back in stories and photos.

» Comet Hale-Bopp 1997 World (Earth) Tour: See what Comet Hale-Bopp looked like from Mercer County and learn more about the comet.

heart » Valentine's Day essay contest: Readers share their stories of how they knew they had met "the one" they wanted to spend their lives with.

love logo » Dedicated to the ones they love: 52 of our readers shared tales of romance, family and love. Read the top 5 winning entries.

cookbook cover » Recipes, recipes, recipes -- Browse all 226 reader-submitted recipes from our What's Cookin' in Your World contest cookbook.

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