The Herald, Sharon,
PA Published June 29 to July 2, 1997

PHOTO Jean Angelo/Herald From his office in The Winner building, James E. Winner Jr. looks over the Sheanngo River and the city of Sharon. Winner's vision for Sharon includes the revitalization of the downtown, with business people taking ownership of the planned improvements and working toward a common goal.

Portrait of a Winner
J IM WINNER grew up dirt poor on a farm in Pymatuning Township. Today, he's the second-largest property owner in downtown Sharon and is known locally and internationally for his ventures that include The Club, hotels, restaurants, a clothing store and a charter aircraft company. In the works: The Vocal Group Hall of Fame, a culinary school and a spa.

He says his motives are simple, yet often misunderstood: to save the downtown and to create in the Shenango Valley "a quality of life that my grandchildren and their grandchildren won't want to leave"

In this four-part series, The Herald looks the man, his empire and what he has done and plans to do for the community.


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