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PA Published June 30, 1997


Tiffany Wolfe/Herald

Tony Argenziano of Sharon applies one of the nine colors being used on the new art museum.

PHOTO An outside view of the new art museum at 381 E. State St., Sharon, across from the Buhl Mansion. While featuring a variety of works, the museum will add to the cultural aspects of the community.


Art museum could open Victorian doors by mid-July

An older home that seemed to be the center of attention by a slew of construction workers for more than a year, but which seemed to be unchanged on the outside, has taken on a new look.

The exterior of the soon-to-be art museum is changing from a dark green to authentic Victorian colors. James E. Winner Jr. said the interior is done.

Painting was the last obstacle.

``It's reasonable to assume that it could be open by mid-July,'' Winner said.

The art museum will feature a variety of works, including bronze-leafed statues and paintings. Most are replicas of famous works.

Winner said he is trying to add to the cultural aspects of the community _ something he believes plays into the quality of life.

``I love art and antiques,'' said the man who has a penchant for ornate objects from Asia. ``I think it's because I can't do anything with my hands and I appreciate people who can do that. It's the handcrafted things that I can't do.''

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