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comet photoComet Hale-Bopp
1997 World (Earth) Tour

  • Diagram and text showing how and where to view the comet

  • Story: Finding comet turns astronomer into a star (Youngstown-area native Bopp speaks at YSU)

  • Story: Naming comets brings fame, fortune, feuding

  • NASA's comet Web site

  • Starhustler astronomy site
  • comet over houses comet over houses Comet Hale-Bopp rises above houses on Wick Avenue in Hermitage on April 1 during one of its evenings of peak brightness. The shots were taken with a 55mm lens at f18 on 800-speed film with exposures of about 15 seconds (John Zavinski/The Herald)

    [Enlarged photo of right photo]

    [Enlarged photo of left photo]

    comet over barn Comet Hale-Bopp streaks across the northwest sky above a cupola-topped barn on Flat Road in East Lackawannock Township, west of Mercer. Moonlight illuminated the barn in this multiple-second exposure Sunday night, March 23. Later that night, skywatchers were treated to a lunar eclipse that made it easier to see the comet and Mars. (John Zavinski/The Herald) [Enlarged photo]

    A sugar maple is silhouetted against the spring sky as Comet Hale-Bopp glows on the evening of Sunday, March 23. The scene is in Coolspring Township, near the old brick schoolhouse between Mercer and Interstate 79. Moonlight lit the scene in this time exposure. (John Zavinski/Herald) [Enlarged photo] comet over field

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