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Be sure to pick up Sunday, June 24th's souvenir-edition Herald for complete demolition coverage as well as a historical story and photo tribute

Sharon's Oakland Avenue viaduct, 1936-2001

viaduct photo
David E. Dale/Herald

The viaduct in October 1996, pretty much as it looked before demolition began.
viaduct implosion at a glance
Implosion @ a glance

» WHEN -- 7:30 a.m. Saturday, 6/23, with an hour window afterward in case something delays it. Scheduled to go rain or shine, though not in fog.UPDATE: The implosion has been postponed to between 9 and 10 a.m.

» WHO -- Nancy Rhodanz of Hermitage won the charity auction to do the honors. She is letting her daughter, Nichole Montgomery, 13, do it.

» HOW -- Approaches to the viaduct have been demolished. The remaining arch and road deck will be imploded starting with the keystone/center of the arch, allowing both ends to fall inward. Total time: an estimated 3 seconds. Six feet of dirt have been placed to protect the road and a small bridge over Pine Run below.

» VANTAGE POINTS -- Virtually none. The public will not be allowed within 800 feet, roughly no closer than the Elks lodge on Connelly Boulevard. Houses within 300 feet are being evacuated (East State Street by Daffins is about 600 feet). An all-clear signal will be sounded when it's safe to return. FAA has ruled area a no-fly zone.

» PARKING -- Sharon police recommend parking downtown at the Sharon City Centre on South Water Avenue. People who park in private lots risk having their vehicles towed.

» DETOURS -- Two lanes Connelly Boulevard under the viaduct will reopen Monday, the other 2 lanes July 2. Detours around the area including these parallel east-west streets: Prindle Street, East State and Meek. East State is the posted detour.

» HERALD SOUVENIR EDITION -- Pick up Sunday's Herald for full coverage of the event, with photos from 3 vantages points, including a remote camera within a few hundred feet. We'll also have a page and a half of photos and history, back to the days when cows grazed in Pine Hollow.
Viaduct coverage from The Herald news archives:

» County engineer's office: Follow the demolition and replacement project

» June 25, 2001 Falling arches damange Route 62; Road won't reopen until repairs are made

explosion » A blast from the past; Classic arches graced hollow for 65 years; Cows once grazed near downtown in shadow of 1st span
» Implosion story and photos
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» June 22, 2001 Mom lets teen have a blast; Gives lucky viaduct ticket to daughter

» June 20, 2001 Route 62 under viaduct to close

» June 5, 2001 Date to implode viaduct set, but few will see it happen; 1,000-foot safety zone, trees will block the view
» May 18, 2001 Mayor Price says viaduct blast ought to be in pictures

» May 10, 2001 Demolition date unknown' Official says viaduct needs to be readied

» March 29, 2001 A buck will buy a chance for glory; Raffle winner will push plunger on viaduct

» March 21, 2001 Viaduct closing, detours announced

» Feb. 16, 2001 Freeway work will be delayed until viaduct is finished In an effort to reduce traffic problems in Sharon

» Feb 9, 2001 Bids to replace viaduct are tabled

» Nov 17, 2000 Friday County advertises for contractor bids to replace viaduct

» Postcards from the past
This June 5 view looking southward shows how the contractor has removed the viaduct's roadway and most of the north abutment to reduce the amount of concrete to blast into Pine Hollow on June 23. A 6-foot layer of dirt will be placed atop the four lanes of Connelly Boulevard below to protect the roadway as well as a small bridge carrying the road over Pine Run, which flows diagonally directly under the viaduct. (Salena Carr/Herald)

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