The Herald, Sharon, PA Published Thursday, Jan. 31, 2002


Teacher resigns as sheriff eyes incident

An incident Friday at Bloomfield High School in Mesopotamia, Ohio, involving a Sharon man who allegedly brought inappropriate material to the school is being investigated, the Trumbull County Sheriff's Department said.

The incident involved a computer screen, a digital video of an "inappropriate and ... offensive sexual nature" and six students, said Trumbull County Chief Deputy Ernie Cook.

Chris Higgins, of 630 Shady Ave., Sharon, was athletic director, technology coordinator, golf coach and computer teacher at the school, according to a newspaper report.

According to a press release from Bloomfield Superintendent Ken A. Halbert, Jr., during school Friday "an employee made a 'misjudgment' resulting in students viewing 'highly inappropriate material' on a school computer."

Higgins, who resigned Tuesday, is being investigated but has not been charged in relation to the incident, Cook said.

Cook said six sophomores and juniors, some of whom were female, looked at the material which Higgins allegedly brought to the school but did not view it in his presence.

"It appears they did it independently," Cook said, adding that he will consult with the prosecutor's office about the case.

Cook said although the material was inappropriate, it was not "pornographically explicit."

The school is offering counseling for the students who saw the material, and any other students who may have been affected by it, Halbert said, adding that the district had no further comment because of the investigation.

Higgins did not return two messages from The Herald this morning.

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