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PA Published Wednesday, Sept. 3, 1997



Flag flier's heart is with Diana

By Julie Hannon
Herald Staff Writer

For the last seven years, British native Karen Torrence has made Sharon her home, but the 28-year-old mother said her heart has been with her homeland since the tragic death of Princess Diana.

``I was flipping through channels when I saw the report on CNN,'' Mrs. Torrence said. ``It is just so sad. I couldn't believe it.''

After calling her parents who still live in Reading about an hour's drive southeast of London, Mrs. Torrence draped her country's flag over the railing of the back porch of her home at 383 Ormond St.

``My patriotism just kicked in and I wanted to do something to show my respect _ for both her life and her death. She was a good person and a wonderful woman,'' Mrs. Torrence said. ``She never really knew what she was getting into. She was young and it was a lot of pressure for her. She may not actually be a member of the royal family but the people love her as if she is.''

Mrs. Torrence moved to the United States in November 1990 after she met her husband, Darryl, 30, a worker at Sharon Tube Co.

Torrence, who was stationed with the Air Force at Greenham Commons while Diana was married to Prince Charles, said he admired the princess for her work with the country's poor and sick.

``She was the kind of person who got involved. That's why the people like her. She visited the poor people and was one of the first in that country to face the AIDS issue in a time when people were still scared of the disease,'' said Torrence.

With the couple's 2-year-old daughter Natasha looking on, Mrs. Torrence said she would display the Union Jack until Diana's funeral Saturday.


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