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PA Published Thursday, Sept. 11, 1997


Miss Pa. won't confirm reports of tattooed tummy

By The Associated Press

Does she or doesn't she? Miss Pennsylvania Heather Busin, whose rumored tattoo has the Miss America Pageant press corps chasing their tails, isn't saying for sure.

Busin, 20, a student at Grove City College, told reporters here last week she had a tattoo, but wouldn't say where it is or what it is.

The (Allentown, Pa.) Morning Call newspaper published a story Wednesday reporting that the tattoo is of a tiny sun and is located just below Busin's navel. She got it a year ago, to symbolize her love for sunny days and her love for God, she told the newspaper.

But she played coy Wednesday with reporters here, refusing to confirm or deny its existence. She wore a one-piece swimsuit in competition, so nobody could tell looking at her.

``I want you to see the real person, the woman with a mission: To promote family literacy,'' she said.

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