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GCC students cheer on their queen

By Karen Coates
Herald Staff Writer

Although she wasn't crowned Miss America, Grove City College Junior Heather Busin was certainly treated like a queen Saturday night.

Miss Busin, who won the title of Miss Pennsylvania this summer, was surrounded by supporters from her college sorority Sigma Theta Chi, members of the Grove City College Band and College President Dr. John H. Moore and his wife as she vied in Atlantic City for the title of the 77th Miss America.

But she also received a round of encouragement from well- wishers back home. About 100 classmates gathered at Ketler Dormitory Recreation Lounge to watch the Saturday night competition.

Watching the contest on a big screen television, a courtesy of the college, students cheered and applauded as Miss Busin introduced herself to the audience.

Students also cheered during candid shots of Miss Busin during preliminaries before the 10 semi-finalists were announced.

But applause gave way to disappointment when she was not named one of the 10 semi-finalists. Many of her classmates still seemed excited by the prospects that one of their own could be in a national beauty contest.

``I'm disappointed but I'm really proud of her,'' said Maureen Conwell, a sophomore political science major. ``It's a huge accomplishment. It's a big thing because we're such a small school.''

Jason Higgy, a freshman pre- med major, seemed equally excited, saying, ``I think everyone's been out to support her. It wasn't winning that mattered.''

Many of Miss Busin's close friends who joined her in Atlantic City were not surprised by her rise in the spotlight.

Dr. Ed Arnold, director of Grove City College's marching band and father of Miss Busin's steady boyfriend of two years, Paul, said he knew Miss Busin had the qualifications that would make her eligible for the pageant.

``She has a glow about her,'' he said. ``Enthusiasm and sincerity, it engenders itself with everyone she meets. You can tell it's not superficial.''

One of her sorority sisters agreed.

Before heading to watch the contest in Atlantic City, senior Leslie Spencer said she was excited about the prospects of seeing her friend win Miss Butler County and Miss Pennsylvania in such a short time.

``We all knew that she was perfect for this,'' she said. ``She's a great representative.''

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