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    Laura Krantz, Sharon, and her fiance, Joe Carnuche, New Castle, are shown in a picture taken at Niagara Falls. He proposed at their favorite spot, Bridal Veil Falls, and they plan to wed at Niagara Falls.


    Engaged couple fell for each other at wedding of her former co-worker

    [heart] By Laura Krantz writing about her husband-to-be, Joe Carnuche

    "LLOVE" AT FIRST SIGHT? Ha _ that only happens in the romance novels and movies, not in real life. Or so I thought until June 6, 1992. I had been on a dating hiatus when I was invited to attend a former co-worker's wedding. As I left the house, I jokingly told my mother that I was going to meet someone that night.

    We arrived at the wedding early and were socializing when I turned around and saw ``him'' from the back. There was an instant ``zing'' of electricity and I heard the inside of my head saying, ``There he is, I'm going to marry him.''

    Imagine how surprised I was by thinking this, and he hadn't even turned around yet. When he turned around and proceeded to do his usher duties of escorting my group to our seats, I thought everyone could see me blushing.

    I watched him throughout the ceremony, and at the reception everyone teased me. They schemed to have us meet by making me the ``cookie getter'' every time he and his friends went to the dessert table. One of my friend's husbands finally had enough, went over to talk to him about football and told him someone would like to meet him. When the wife saw what her husband was doing, I was ordered to go tell him to get back to the table. Here was my chance ... now or never. As I approached, I heard ``him'' saying ... ``to come over and talk...'' As I arrived, I answered, ``I'm here.''

    We went through the awkward introductions and talked awhile, until he had to go back to his groomsman duties. I was happy I met him, but thought nothing would come of it, especially since we lived in two different towns, and more to my disappointment, he didn't like to dance. The biggest surprise of the evening was feeling a tap at my shoulder, then grabbing my hand and saying, ``Let's dance.'' Then later, ``Can we see each other again?''

    Well, we have been seeing each other since, and on Dec. 29, 1997, at our favorite spot overlooking the Bridal Veil Falls at Niagara Falls, Joe proposed _ twice! We plan on being married at the Falls, and I secretly think Joe is happy because this time he won't have to ask me to dance.


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