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Hall helps issue Halos CD

The Vocal Group Hall of Fame & Museum and Goldmine Magazine will issue the first CD single by Johnny Angel and the Halos, August 14 on the “Varese Vintage” label by Varese Sarabande Records of Studio City, Cal. A black-tie celebration for the release of the song will be held at the Emerald Room in McKees Rocks, Pa. August 14.

The single, “Porky (50 Years of Cool)” was written to commemorate the 50-year career of legendary Pittsburgh disc jockey Porky Chedwick. The CD single, Written by Pittsburgh musicians Jack Hunt and Gary Daley of Johnny Angel and the Halos and performed by the group, recognizes Chedwick’s contribution to the pop music scene.

Chedwick began his broadcasting career in 1948 at radio station WHOD in Homestead, Pa. A Pioneer in the promotion of music by African-American artists, he was one of a small number of white DJ’s who persistently provided exposure for R&B acts.

In 1996, Chedwick was recognized by the Rock ‘n` Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

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