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How common are drug and alcohol sanctions in county?


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By Jeff Greenburg
Herald Sports Editor

Following is a sampling of responses from area school superintendents or adminstrators regarding the number of athletes sanctioned through suspension or removal from a team in an average year due to violation of that school's drug and alcohol policy:

  • Dr. Derry Stufft, Sharpsville superintendent: "Can't remember any in my four years."

  • Pete Iacino, Kennedy Christian president: "I don't recall off the top of my head the last time a kid was dismissed from a team for that."

  • Steve Ross, Greenville High School principal: "Sometimes none, sometimes several. We haven't had that many in 10 years - maybe less than 10 in the last 10 years."

  • Dr. Louis C. Mastrian, Hermitage superintendent: "We have low incidences, but there have been cases where students have been disciplined. It's very minimal. I can't give you numbers. It's not a major, major problem, but it's pervasive."

  • Rick Losasso, George Junior Republic vice-president: "We've had significantly low numbers. Less than one percent (of the entire student body) would be affected by this, and for two reasons: number one the kids know they're going to be drug tested and number two the kids are on campus for 24 hours, which is different than schools where kids are out in the communities. So access really isn't an issue here."

  • Dr. Robert Post, Grove City superintendent: "We've had only one or two kids suspended because of activities out of school here and probably three or four a year for in-school violations. And that includes middle school and up, and includes our entire student body. In the last two years we've had two athletes removed from teams, and one was for tobacco."

  • Albert Jones, West Middlesex superintendent: "No suspensions came to the administrative level," although he said some could have occurred at the coaches level.

  • Dr. Larry Connelly, Mercer superintendent: "It's probably more common than most think. What's more rare is when the kid is a top-flight athlete. Here, suspensions probably would be in the ballpark of 3-5 times a year.

    "And there have been numerous instances where we've been involved with it this year. It does occur, but doesn't come to light unless its a top-flight athlete or the parent decides to take it to court and then it becomes a media issue."

  • Max Stokes, Reynolds superintendent: "In (my 12 years), I think we've had about three cases in all that time where somebody actually had a sanction on them for the season or whole year. Now, it's probably happened more than that, these are just the cases we know of. You don't have very many of these cases because I think the kids know what's going on and also they know there are sanctions. It's a very small number."

  • Dr. Paulette Savolskis, Lakeview superintendent: "We had one situation last year (where an athlete was suspended for a violation). Most years we haven't had any."

  • Richard D. Rubano, Farrell superintendent: "I would say its very minimal. I don't think we've had any of that the last couple of years."

  • Les Cattron, Commodore Perry Senior High principal: "Where it would call for consequences of being off a team totally or for a period of time, we probably have between one and three or four a year. Some years we have none."

  • David Shaffer, Jamestown superintendent: "We had a couple students last year. On an average year we might not have more than one or two."

  • Richard Rossi, Sharon superintendent: "I've been here two years and I don't think I could recall one violation by an athlete that's required an expulsion or suspension."

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