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Local voices on the Colorado school shooting

Mercer County-area residents responded with shock to the massacre at a high school in suburban Denver:

"This sends a message that this can happen in any community in the country. It is a reflection of what society is about when problems are being solved with violence. ... Killing has no meaning. There is no meaning to life anymore and that's what bothers us as educators when kids turn to violence and aggression. ... This is youth violence, not adult violence. After Edinboro and Kentucky, we haven't learned a lesson. It upsets me as a parent and as an educator. Like I said. it can happen in any community."
Dr. Louis C. Mastrian, Hermitage School District Superintendent

"It's terrible that kids take their pain out on everyone else. My wife's a teacher, so it makes me concerned that someone can walk in there and walk around like that. You can put in all kinds of security, but then it will be like a prison."
Rick Bresnan, Greenville

"I just pray for the families. It's sad because you can't send your children to school. It's not safe."
Sharon Harvey, 50, a Masury homemaker

"It will be expensive, but, like in airports, metal detectors may be the answer. Or surveillance cameras. There's a lot of sick people out there."
James Saal, Greenville

"Earlier they showed a movie with men in long black trench coats firing on children. And it was in a school. I think a lot of it is what we put in the minds of our children. Where do they get the idea? I think we need to take this kind of movie off. We're showing them too much violence."
Vivian Yeager of Camp Perry, retired

"Sad situation. I feel sorry for all those innocent children. You always thought schools are safe, but you wonder if they are safe."
Nick Kusich, Greenville

"Honest to God, it's just unbelievable. When a group comes to school in trench coats they should be checked. I'm not sure if the kids felt rejected.''
Connie Raymer, Sharpsville

"It was a horrible thing. I teach in school so in hearing that happen in a school makes you leery. You wonder if you're safe. I would hope it could not happen here but they probably said the same thing. I feel secure where I am but you never know."
Karen Weston, Farrell, a third-grade teacher at Farrell Area Elementary School

"It's hard to believe. I don't know what to do to prevent it. Sure hope it doesn't happen here."
Dick Rowland, Greenville.

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