The Herald, Sharon,
PA Published Thursday, May 13, 1999


Inductees are wowed by first trip to vocal hall

By Joe Pinchot
Herald Staff Writer

Mary Wilson and Herb Reed missed their inductions into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame and Museum, but touring it Wednesday they said they are honored to be enshrined there.

"It's great because I think we've been treated so badly by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame," said Mary Wilson, of the Supremes, who was performing in Vegas last fall and couldn't make the induction. Her friend Nancy Wilson accepted it for her.

"It seems like it's been done for the love of it, not the profit," Ms. Wilson said of the museum in Sharon.

Ms. Wilson said she might reclaim the gowns she donated to the Rock and Roll Hall, which brought cheers from Vocal Hall Executive Director Linda Stewart-Savach, who would be eager to display them.

Reed, of the Platters, who was performing on a cruise ship at the time of the induction said: "It's really a surprise that people so honor you because you don't know what you did. You were just having fun. We didn't record to make hit records. We just tried to remember the melody and get it done as quickly as possible because studio time is expensive."

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