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Buhl Day '97

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    Mrs. Yarboro does whatever has to be done

    By Jennifer Hall
    Herald Staff Writer

    As she floats among her guests at a luncheon Deanna Yarboro held for many members of Shenango Valley Urban League Guild, she has a special tie to each one of them.

    With about 20 people sitting around the tables talking, she asks about each of their families and jobs, shares a few stories then moves on to the next table.

    She's a hostess who knows her guests. After all, she's spent many hours working with these women _ working to help others.

    ``Without these people _ everyone of them that was here today _ I couldn't have done all that I have,'' she said. ``There're the ones who helped me with all of this.''

    In the kitchen, she receives the most respect with a ``Yes Mrs. Yarboro,'' from the Gibbs children helping their brother Guy, who catered the lunch. She's known these ``kids'' since they were children.

    Mrs. Yarboro has been a figure in Mercer County since she moved here in 1964. She has spent countless hours serving the community through equally countless boards and organizations.


    Deanna Yarboro has spent 33 years serving the Shenango Valley on countless boards and organizations. As a Buhl Day Honoree, Mrs. Yarboro says it's a duty to serve the community. (David E. Dale/Herald)

    ``This is just what you are supposed to do,'' she said. ``You are supposed to take care of people in your neighborhood but I've just got a really big neighborhood.''

    Mrs. Yarboro has been chosen as a 1997 Buhl Day Honoree. It's an honor that surprised the modest 59-year-old woman.

    ``What I did was not to be recognized _ that's not important,'' she said, adding that she is starting step back from her activities so a younger generation can step up.

    Mrs. Yarboro said she grew up never knowing about being poor or where the next meal was coming from _ it just didn't happen.

    ``You have to learn from what you were born with,'' she said. ``You also have to do what you have to do for others. There should be no ulterior motive except for the helping others _ where my heart has always been.''

    She accepts what others have to offer and tries to help by fulfilling a need. A part of each person exists which has to learn how to help people, she said.

    But it bothers her when people ask what they can do or what needs to be done.

    ``Everybody's got a way to give,'' Mrs. Yarboro said. ``Everybody's got to contribute.''

    Mrs. Yarboro said she's done a lot of satisfying things in her life from all of the boards she has served on to the groups she has helped to establish.

    ``You can't always be what people want you to be and be satisfied with who you are,'' she said. ``When we made the conscious decision to have children I made the decision to stay home and raise my children. I don't regret that. There's a satisfaction in knowing that I made a commitment to them. But in doing that I made a commitment to other children.''

    Women and children's groups have received the main thrust of her efforts. Name one and she was a part of it at some time.

    ``It isn't just a matter of saying my name is on the letterhead but it's a matter of doing whatever the agency says that they set out to do,'' she said.

    And when volunteers are done with all of the hard work the feeling is the reward.

    ``You get a certain satisfaction when you know that what you did helped,'' Mrs. Yarboro said. ``You just do it and it's all a part of life's learning.''

    Biography of Mrs. Yarboro

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