The Herald, Sharon, PA Published Tuesday, July 4, 2000


Sharon Airport aided travelers

By Richard Christner

A small airfield was located off Christy Road a few miles southeast of Sharon.

Known as the Sharon Airport, it was also called Chadderton Airport for Edward Chadderton, who operated an over-the-road transportation company, but also used the field for charter flights, shipping air cargo, and flight instruction.

Chadderton acquired the airfield in 1946, paving and extending the main runway to 3,200 feet; adding two grass airstrips; building an office, large hanger and 10 T-hangers for small planes; and installing ground lights for night operations. His air cargo operations used twin-engine Beechcraft and Cessna airplanes piloted at times by Robert Blatz and Joe Buckwalter, who doubled as flight instructors.

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